Statement on the Alignment of Water Act with 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) 2013

We the institutions here present;

United as representatives working towards improved water governance in Zimbabwe;

Gravely concerned about aligning water laws with Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) 2013;

Worried by non-alignment of water laws; non-fulfilment, failure to respect; failure to protect and fulfil the human right to water;

Acknowledging citizens’ inalienable right to life; to available, physically accessible, economic accessible (affordable), acceptable, quality clean, safe potable water; to health and a clean environment as provided for in the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe;

Critically aware of the challenges facing citizens emanating from unavailability of water supply; long distance travelled to access water in rural areas; affordability of water services; questionable quality of potable water;

Following engaged deliberations with Members of Parliament at the Parliament Engagement Meeting attended by representatives of five Parliamentary Portfolio Committees, Community Water Alliance and Combined Harare Residents Association resolve the following;

  1. Potable water is a human right and of Water Act (Chapter 20:24) must be reviewed to echo provisions of the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe.
  2. Address disconnect between Local Authority Council Committees and Parliamentarian Portfolio Committees by facilitating joint meetings where there is cross-pollination of ideas.
  3. Resolving the chicken-egg impasse on payment for water services and provision for water services.
  4. Social inclusion in water delivery that caters for protection of the vulnerable through social safety nets.
  5. Embark on civic education and engagement on human right to water.
  6. Facilitate community-led climate change and variability mitigation and resilience measures.
  7. Engagement of service providers and stakeholders on water service delivery.

Source: Community Water Alliance

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