Blatant Violations of the Human Right to Water in Glen View

Community Water Alliance notes with concern water meters removal effected by City of Harare officials at residents premises in Glen View. The reasons behind removal of water by City of Harare officials is non-payment for a composite bill. City of Harare officials are riding on Section 48 of Government Notice 164 of 1913 which states that “council may, at any time at its own expense, disconnect and remove any meter and affix and substitute any other meter at its discretion”. City of Harare misinterpretation of this section of the retrogressive Government Notice 164 of 1913 has led to disconnection from water supply and ultimately residents resorting to unprotected water sources.

The water meter removal comes at the time when Glen-View and Budiriro suburbs are losing water meters through theft. The stolen water meters are being sold to the carpentry industry and used for the production of coffin handles. Glen View is a suburb that is currently a hot spot of cholera. It is sad that City of Harare officials fail to repair burst sewer pipes in Glen View because they claim that there is no fuel whilst the water meter removal exercise gets fuel from the same council.

A houses visit in one street by Community Water Alliance community structure revealed that the following houses have had their water meters removed:

40 Crescent Glen View 2: House No. 2926 at Tarugarira’s House Cell Number +263 773 948 677;
House No. 2939 at Musendeka’s House Cell Number +263 773 927 693;
House No. 2925 at Muchina Cell Number +263 777 439 894;
House No. 2941 at Funganjera’s House Cell Number +263 775 261 785;
House No. 2938 at Mwachidza’s House Cell Number +263 772 484 880;
House No. 2940 at Murape’s House Cell Number +263 772 276 550 / +263 714 041 475;
House No. 2930 at Jacob’s House Cell Number +263 772 604 693 / +263 774 410 771;
No. 2934 at Arufin’s House Cell Number +263 714 135 448.

Community Water Alliance urge City of Harare officials to respect and protect the human right to water enshrined in Section 77(a) of the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe. We further implore City of Harare to review the Water Regulations By-law in line with provisions of the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Source: Community Water Alliance

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