Zimbabwe lawyers demonstration and the struggle for justice in Zimbabwe

Today lawyers gathered to demonstrate against lack of judicial independence and capture of judiciary in Zimbabwe.

This happens at a time when most of comrades from the civil society, labour and social movements are languishing in prisons from trumped up charges.

After the state pounced on civilians through the military, many hopes were on the judiciary to show it’s commitment in terms of ensuring that justice is served and that there’s role of law in Zimbabwe.

Most activists where arrested on trumped up charges. They were detained for more than 48 hours without trial, tortured and harassed by state security agents.

Despite having presented an alphabet of evidence before the courts most lawyers came out of courts with sad news of “bail denied” or “remanded in custody”. It was disappointing.

Despite the clarity on the new Zimbabwean constitution on independence of the judiciary, individuals within the executive still influence the judiciary to act in a partial manner.

We salute the lawyers who came out to voice their displeasure over the conduct of the state and we say the struggle for justice unabated.

Source: ZINASU

ZINASU spokesperson
Tatenda Zuj Mandondo

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