Water Conference Resolutions and Plan of Action to Resolve Challenges of Water and Sanitation Delivery in Harare

We the institutions here present;
– United as stakeholders working towards improved water service delivery in the Harare Metropolitan Province;
– Gravely concerned by the dwindling raw water levels & pollution water sources and bodies like Lake Chivero and a wide range of water challenges facing residents in Harare Metropolitan Province;
– Worried that the dwindling water levels and bad raw water quality will affect the ability of the City of Harare to deliver sufficient potable water available 24/7 and physically accessible to it’s consumers.
– Acknowledging citizens’ inalienable right to life, to clean water, to health and a clean environment as provided for in the Constitution;
– Critically aware that the challenges facing the City of Harare are real, have occurred over time and therefore require comprehensive efforts involving all stakeholders in the public, civil society and private sectors;

Following engaged deliberations at this Water Conference, delegates resolved that the City of Harare and stakeholders in the broader Metropolitan area:
– Need a robust and sustainable (public/municipal) finance model for the operation, maintenance and expansion of water and sewerage infrastructure as well as build the technical capacity of it’s Water Unit.
– Develop and fully implement sustainable spatial development policies and programs that ensure water conservation, quality raw water from natural water sources and a generally resilient city environment.
– Invest in research and development of water-efficient WASH technologies to guide improvements and expansion system;
– Broaden raw water sources including expediting construction of Kunzvi, Musami, Mazoe, Muda dams and any viable acquifers outside the Harare Metropolitan area as part of suite of strategies like mobile treatment plants in distribution zones ;
– Set up and implement water rationing and other conservation strategies including retrofitting user-level water-dispensing infrastructure, installing appropriate water meters;
– Stakeholders with complimentary roles in the provision of safe drinking water should design and implement plans to cushion residents that may be affected by an inevitable water.
– Citizen engagement and dialogue on sustainable water and sewerage infrastructure maintenance, rehabilitation and expansion.
– Institute a multi-stakeholder process of building active citizenship for community/collective stewardship of the City’s WASH assets.
– Provide open and secure governance framework where all stakeholders access quality information on which to base their cooperation with the City Government.
– Coordination and rationalization of roles and responsibilities of state institutions.
– Computerises the billing value chain to improve integrity of the City-user interface on bill information and payment (e.g. user-friendly statements/bills)
– To constitute a Working Committee guide and monitor implementation of short, medium and long term water supply & development plans in Harare Metropolitan area.
– Secure a declaration of a disaster regarding the Metropolitan Province’s WASH sector

Water Conference was attended by the following Stakeholders:
– His Worship the Mayor of Harare Councillor Herbert Gomba.
– City of Harare Environment Committee.
– Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.
– Ministry of Local Government.
– Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate & Rural Resettlement.
– Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality.
– Environmental Management Agency.
– Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
– Metriological Department.
– Upper Manyame Catchment Council.
– City of Harare Directors of Departments.
– City of Harare Town Clerk.
– Institute of Water and Sanitation Development.
– Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development.
– Water @ Home Private Limited.
– Development Governance Institute.
– Harare Residents Trust.
– Chitungwiza Residents Trust.
– Media.
– Danish Church Aid.
– Mercy Corps
– Harare Wetlands Trust.
– Epworth Residents Development Association
– Chitungwiza Residents and Ratepayers Association.
– Delta Pvt Ltd
– Zimbabwe Youth Council
– Community Water Alliance (CWA)
– Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
– Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural Residents Association


Hildaberta Rwambiwa
National Chairperson
+263 773 874 484, +263 772 698 387, +263 775 255 458

Eng Mabhena Moyo
Harare Water
+263 772 221 551

Michael Chideme
Corporate Communications Manager
City of Harare
+263 733 813 767

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