Zimbabweans’ Ideas for the 2019 Budget

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube tweeted:

Taking him at his word, Kubatana asked our members to share their inputs for the 2019 budget. Here are some of their suggestions:

It’s bury the black market and open bureau de change and allow banks to legally trade in forex
– Cythia, via email

Do away with the bond, its actually falling heavy on us ordinary citizenry. We are begging you authorities. Tatambura zvino.
– Edmore, via email

Stop hiring private jets for travel local and abroad
– Nozipho, via email

Cut salary and perks for MPs, being an MP must not be a job but service; Prioritise health and meet the Abuja Declaration 15% threshold or at least top SADC region; Retire the bond note; Never to pay local authorities the %ge they should get from treasury until the local authorities goes 70%:30% service delivery: salaries ratio; No bailout, recapitalisation for Hwange, Air Zimbabwe, NRZ etc etc – these have been recapitalised too many times to mention; Go the Biti way of eating what you kill and reign ZIMRA.
– Weston, via email

I think the Finance Minister should allow Gold Mining Companies to pay their dues in kind (Gold produce) to boost the Gold reserves for the RBZ. i.e. If Mining Companies produce 100kgs of gold per months, the RBZ gets their 15%, that is roughly 15kgs per month multiplied by 12months. They will give the RBZ at least 180kgs as reserves per year.
– Teeman, via email

Increase the health budget n cut drastically on the defence budget.
– Zebedia, via email

We want to see activity in the roads not patching Our borders are still very corrupt very little goes into the coffers not into the pockets
– Claison, via email

I write to contribute to ideas for the Finance Minister to include in the coming 2019 Budget. I wish to see the following done:

1. The Minister can start a fund to resource new small scale miners. A fund of only USD300,000 to USD500,000 will suffice. The funds must be allocated to Zim graduates of mining and engineering colleges. Avail claims of minerals like gold, chrome, lithium etc to them so they can start new mines. Put them in an export drive. They have expertise to develop these claims into strong export sources within a few years. Once these smal mines become sources of export receivables, the forex shortage will be over. This is how to stimulate the production required.

2. Start a fund of some USD500,000 for small scale farmers. Admit only Zim graduates of farming colleges to the scheme. Settle a number of them on small farms of 6-20ha size. Gear them to produce for export markets. Start irrigation schemes on the farms, supply equipment, help them identify markets. Focus on production of export fruits, of crops like tobacco, chillies, cotton, maize, soya for export; on livestock like chicken, pigs, rabbits, fish for meat exports. In few years Zim will never import food again, and exports from farming will be strong. All from a mere USD500k investment!

3. Arrange to produce our diamonds and platinum under a model similar to Botswanas. These two are deemed strategic minerals. Follow the successful model of Debswana used in Botswanas diamond industry. The State forms 50-50 Joint Ventures with foreign partner firms that bring in capital, mining expertise and market access for diamonds and platinum. The State brings in the mineral reserves. They mine in the JV, the State deposits its revenues into a Sovereign Wealth Fund for Zimbabwe. After years, Zim will never need to borrow from IMF or AfDB again! Or ever be short of foreign currency again. Right now, the full value of these minerals is being lost on Zim. The mining and taxing models being used are not benefitting our nation. Research on the models used by Saudi Aramco for oil, and by Royal Bafokeng Platinum for platinum extraction in Royal Bafokeng Nation. These exploit natural resources for the national gain. They used their minerals to pull their nations out of extreme poverty, worse than Zim’s.

4 Make Zim join the Rand Monetary Union for a short period, to solve the chronic lack of forex and a local currency. Then leave the Union when export proceeds are strong and the forex purse is sustainable. Make the Rand the unit of exchange in place of the US dollar and bond notes for a temporary period. Its moving two steps back in order to go forward.

– Pieburn, via email

As we try to address our BUDGET deficit, what capacity is the local industry capable of doing, which company produces what, do you have a list of such, if so why is it that this is not made public, what has been done to aid their capacity building
– Jauma, via Facebook

Stop money laundering. Stop black market currency changing. Let’s have our own currency.
– Israel, via Facebook

Maximise the revenue we get from diamond for the nation. Do away with multiple ownership of farms. Take non productive farms and farms give to those who can produce and employ.
– Claison, via email

It’s time we lay the bond note to rest. Its killing the ordinary citizen. Walking to a pharmacy to be told a medication is US or Rand yet yr salary is bond. That is going to leave people dead, not because of shortages of supplies, but money.
– Nkosinathi, via Facebook

Cut your own salary & perks to set an example
– Marion, via Facebook

There has to reparations, expropriation of assets criminally or corruptly gotten from either public or private individuals not this child play on corruption. Its a real saddening yet maddening comedy.

Thomas Sankara is the only African leader who has given us a true example of authentic values based leadership with a compelling vision – people centred and people driven.

2. Profligacy has to be cut right from the top and down to us all.
A get to the root or rot and act is key and must be a call to serious and decisive action by govt – finance and other key ministries must collaborate and walk on actionable goals or action plans! Time to ACT!!!

3. Taxes, penalties, e.t.c. have to be commensurate with economic and social status and gravity of the matter on the merits of the case.
Financial crimes are treated and judged less than petty crimes. When has the public who are the true victims of the system ever really got just rewards and due compensation?

4. We need ABCD and inclusive value chain approach to key economic sectors.
Put MSMEs in both the supply and value chains. There is urgent need to give special quotas of tenders and business services to youth and women besides the MSMEs in general. Zimbabwe should be open for business 1st at home then to foreigners who are empathetic and law abidding and uphold and respect our true values and people. The foreign investors and partners should come with the scope and intent to build internal and local capacity to be independent and run self sustaining enterprises and thriving ecosystems after the foreigners gradually exit or exit at IPO stage. We need venture capital, impact investing, private equity and alternative investment structures that start from the base of the pyramid – promote sound and robust entrepreneurial and business development in Zimbabwe.

5. Empower women, you’ve empowered the nation and generations to come. Empower the youth and we have a secure future and posterity. Financial inclusion and sustainable economic empowerment programs. The YEB and ZWMFB are a start. We need more and more like yesterday!

– Bro Jero, Changamire, Afripreneurs, 2018, via WhatsApp

Hon Minister introduce Rand and USA. It doesn’t make sense to be charged in forex yet we’re paid in bonds.
– via WhatsApp

Stop “osipgatheleni” they r killing the economy
– via WhatsApp

1.Stop buying uncessary vehicles for these ministers hiding behind the thumb saying how are they going to reach their constituencies without them, how did they do that during campaigning time? Fuel we can understand……buying them cars never. Rther divert those funds to getting drugs or other important commodities.

2. Bond notes are nolonger a relevant currency, you get your salary in bonds but your landlord need usd, pharmacies some basic commodities found on black mkt need usd, so please do something about this.
– Kudzai, via WhatsApp

RBZ has no forex bt igcwele emgwaqweni.
– via WhatsApp

Remove the 0.02% on bnk transactions,e shortage of cash is not of our making,given a choice(cash being available) we would just make a single transaction!
– via WhatsApp

1.reduce your(top govt officials)lavish spending on cars n houses,etc,because if all your salary perks were cut to reasonable amnts,we could reconstruct our degraded urban townshps roads.

2.arrest e money launderers together wth e black mkt money changers

3.Work towards reviving our industries

4.Act on e ridiculous Price Increases! Why are you ignoring that?

– via WhatsApp

remove money changers in the streets not by chasing them with buttock stick buy by implimanting monetary police that make it impossible to trade cash, incentives should be given to exporters,foreigners to invest in productive companies not in retail shops,take aways,brick moulding like the current non which fuels foreign currency siphoning, ban the word shortfall in our medical aid pharmacies especially PSMAS
– via WhatsApp

Remove tax from pensioners please!
– via WhatsApp

1. What is this nonsense about people opening forex accounts. We didn’t open bond accounts in the first place.
2. Stop this price madness.
3. Reduce your heafty perks and increase civil servants’ salaries. Tired of subsidising for the government.
– via WhatsApp

I still don’t remember signing for my account as a multiple currency account or just a USD account, but I did open the account in 2009. But I still recall changing my ecocash account to the multiple currency account. Let’s say I didn’t sign the account as a multiple currency account, how come they say I can receive even the bond or the rand in that same account.
– via WhatsApp

Do away with multi-currency system as it is the source of parallel market.There should be also a policy to reign in the electronic money system such as ecocash as it has become a source of unscrupulous means of making money for dishonest people.
– O.Matutsa-Chi-town, via WhatsApp

I think the minister shld focus on building digital economy.

Use of tech in the finance sector (improvement in online connection remove .002 tax), in agriculture sector, in healthy, education, home affairs, defence and security, information & broadcasting, and we also hope 2023 we will use online voting they is no need for ballot paper.

Why am I focusing on digital economy?

1) all leading economic countries are digital UK, American, China and likes.

2) it will cut the cost buy almost 50%.

3) increase governance transparency

4) increase governance accountability

5) increase our literacy rate.

Other factor need to be considered in the budget include:

1 Focus on tackling climate changes

2 liberalise all business sector (a policy focusing on @ least 5 well established companies in each sector, I mean killing monopoly and oligopoly completely)

3 reduce bottlenecks in doing business.

4 a policy on @least 1 session for all CEO business meeting with fin minister and the President.

5 measuring system or techniques for all government deals, project and policy implementation.

– via WhatsApp

I would suggest that the much awaited vehicles should be bought at the minimum cost meaning they should consider the most efficient, reliable and serviceable vehicles. The 4x 4 has proved to be expensive for the country considering the revenue inflow base. I would suggest a Datsun go. That vehicle is used in some government departments like the CIO. It has a low consumption rate. If they get those vehicles, each member of parliament will work to improve the road network for their easy accessibility to there own places. These vehicles will be a test of character to really see if they have country at heart or after there own personal enrichment. For One 4×4 vehicle, the ministry can buy 4 Datsun go vehicles.
– Dany, via WhatsApp

Audit the civil service and allow people to import basic commodities and do away with the bond note
– via WhatsApp

The Minister of Finance has good plans for our country just like most ministers but implementation of government programs is not done as per the plans.

1. Cutting of government’s expenditure is quite commendable but it has to be a top down approach.

2. Reducing the government’s wage bill is quite commendable but that is if he implements it. For example we have some youths which are still getting salaries whilst at their homes despite the recommendations from an audit which was conducted 5 years ago. The police force and army has very old people who are still hanging to their jobs despite being unproductive. Some government parastatals which are non-performing are yet to be privatised after recommendations.

3. Financial reforms are taking time since we don’t have our own currency. The bond notes should be phased out to pave way for a stronger currency like Rand or US dollars so as to do away with the black market rates which are causing price distortions.

4.Have negotiating mechanisms for salaries of civil service so as to motivate them.

5. Support votes for Ministries such as Education; Health especially for drugs procurement to save lives.

Lastly end corruption in the government ministries & parastatals for better service delivery.

– Mutimhairi from Bikita, via WhatsApp

The finance minister should go ahead with the 2% tax but however we need to see the budget addressing issues of transparency on the use of these funds. A lot of money is circulating in illegal mining activities where unlicenced buyers are buying gold at the expense of fidelity we need strict regulations not selective application of the law like what is happening now where those who buy for gvt bosses do so freely. If people are to take the pain then we need the budget to limit lavish spending by the top brass also and to remove all unproductive salaries
– Ishe, via WhatsApp

The gvt should set up a State vehicle fleet, to be used by gvt operatives than buying new vehicles for ministers, mps and chiefs every 5 years, our economy is too small to sustain that. Secondly our education system should adopt the use of kindles or e-books it saves much money than buying text books time and again.
– via WhatsApp

Prepayment meters should be fully rolled out both for electricity and water, too much of estimates are being used prejudicial to the consumers. Scale down student admissions in tertiary colleges since our economy is not able to absorb the graduates. Remove Ecd in our primary education system, it’s very expensive and laborious particularly to the communal communities where schools are faraway.
– via WhatsApp

Companies must be allowed to pay their employees through their finance officers, banking employee salaries has become punishment for the same as they’ll face difficulties to withdraw it.
– via WhatsApp

Government officials particularly the Presidency must stop globe trotting and stop unnecessary spending, channel those funds where they are due eg health or manufacturing sector
– via WhatsApp

Tell Ncube not to take 2% on a dollar to all pensioners getting less than the poverty datum line.
– via WhatsApp

Government should cut down expenditure zvima salary and allowance and going vakawanda abroad
– Malcolm, via WhatsApp


1.Public Finances (Government revenue and expenditure)

Government should take a deliberate effort to support local industries by buying and using locally assembled vehicles. All government official vehicles should be locally assembled. This will protect jobs and create many more downstream employment opportunities.

Transport and Fuel Expenditure
The government should implement the following measures in order to reduce and contain expenditures:
i)Most government expenditure is spent on this budget line and the worst part is that it is very open to misappropriation and theft. Fuel companies have introduced fuel cards that can be linked to consumption reports. As such, government should move away from buying fuel coupons as most fuel coupons that are available on the grey market are coupons sold by government employees.

With effect from 01 January 2019, government should adopt the use of fuel cards to monitor its fuel consumption. An instruction can be given to the fuel companies to only provide the fuel into the car (linked to mileage). No fuel in jerry cans.

ii)To curb abuse of government vehicles, all vehicles including government vehicles should pay at tollgates. Why should people going to school visits using government vehicles, for example, on weekends be exempt from paying toll fees.
Toll fees on incurred on business trips can be reimbursed when the person submits a mission claim.

ii)Organisations have now introduced the concept that business vehicles are kept overnight in the business premises. No business cars should be parked overnight outside the business premises. Most vehicle abuses happen during the night and at weekends. Government can easily adopt the same philosophy and the benefits from such a move will be visible in the drastic reduction in expensive vehicle maintenances, vehicle repairs and boards of enquiry.

To compensate for this, here is the proposed action:
-Determine the grades which are entitled to a vehicle for private use (coming to work is considered private use).
-Sell to them the cars that they are currently using. These vehicles are immediately de-registered as government vehicles. A loan that is deducted from salary is the best.
-Pay such people a flat rate as transport allowance as an example
a)USD 250 (200L equivalent) for Director grades
b)Add differences of USD 50 as the grades progress higher.
c)Provide a maintenance and wear and tear allowance. A flat figure of USD 150 would suffice for all grades.
d)Implement policy that all government vehicles are to be driven by licensed personnel only, that is those GA certified drivers.
e)No government vehicle is to be driven home for overnight parking.

-Transport officers are to produce each motor vehicle monthly travelling and fuel consumption reports that are to be checked and actioned by auditors.

-Transport officers to be charged for defective vehicles (faulty speedometers, fuel gauges, missing plates etc). The trend of government being notorious for not looking after its assets should cease.

Tax administration and legislation
The tax department should speedily process tax disputes (objections and appeals). This
business of taking more than six months to finalise an objection is not fair. Justice delayed is
justice denied.

– Sam, via WhatsApp

Why should we suffer for previous gvt overspending ? Why the 0.02c tax on every transaction that’s not cool, start on 0.01 at least, we understand that u wanna cover debt for e good of the country but u can’t just rule over our finances like that this is gonna be a long term goal and you (ministers and e rest of e top) are going to have to sacrifice more than us Pleeeassse do away with this so called bond note, can’t you see it’s e source of these problems? Do all u can for us to go back to using usd and rand otherwise this is only going to be worse than 2008. Without bond there won’t be usd selling n buying and there won’t be poverty and inflation neither will there be such a huge black market moreover controlling the rates too. We aren’t in a position to have a new currency yet , it will take time therefore one step at a time please, we are tired of this, we have goals , a future and a life to live we need to prepare for our kids and a better life as today’s youths.
– Belinda, via WhatsApp

Allocate sufficient resources to the Agricultural Ministry. We are agro based so let’s add value to our products.
– via WhatsApp

Youth officer should be retrenched since there is duplication of duty by other govt officials.
– via WhatsApp

Those old workers above 60yrs must get their pensions and rest.
– via WhatsApp

Some top govt officials and party thugs should stop stealing from parastatals.
– via WhatsApp

Forensic audit on parastatals to be done by yesterday.
– via WhatsApp

My Proposal

1) Cut government expenditure
a) the cabinet & parliament are bloated for a small country like Zimbabwe, they need to be trimmed.
b) unbalanced civil service structure and policy inconsistency e.g. why was retirement age increased for soldiers when we need more doctors or teachers for example. Zimbabwe must decide whether it wants to have more soldiers than teachers and doctors.
c) Eliminate ghost workers on the civil service wage bill and carry out frequent checks & evaluations
d) reduce foreign trips & allowances for senior government officials including Members of Parliament

2) Ensure transparency and accountability
a) ALL senior government officials (President and his assistants, army, police and service chiefs, ministers, MPs, judicial chiefs) MUST declare their assets and the report made public to enhance transparency + accountability. This will go a long way in enhancing confidence in the gvt both locally + internationally.
b) What happened to the list of externalizers? Were they prosecuted? We need a public report.
c) The ‘fat cats’ MUST explain their wealth including senior gvt officials & Zanu officials like Obert Mpofu, Khaya Moyo, Chinamasa etc. If they can’t they property must be confiscated by the state.
d) The gvt accumulated a total debt of $4.5 billion from November last year to date. An audit must be carried out + publish a report on how the money was used to enhance public confidence.
e) Those who have been implicated in corruption scandals (+ ‘criminals surrounding R. Mugabe’) have mostly been granted bail. In fact they must pay back in full the amounts they swindled or have their properties confiscated. They must pay the bills owed to parastatals too.
f) all government deals especially loans must be reported in detail to the public.

3) Monetary + Fiscal policies
a) The 2% tax is unsustainable (used to cover a massive gvt debt). How do you tax a person living on less than a dollar per day the same amount you tax a person making millions? It is lop-sided and will further increse the gap between the rich and poor. Why were consultations not done for this tax? No country can tax it’s way to prosperity, fix the fundamentals.
b) Why is the gvt clamping down on street forex traders when the ‘fat cats’ are at RBZ & in gvt? Look at the root of the problem.
c) Prof. you said you will not fight against the market forces but why do you still insist that the rate of bond to USD is 1:1. Respect the market even if it means phasing out the bond. We better adopt the Rand.
d) The issuance of Treasury Bills to encourage gvt’s extravagance MUST be reduced + monitored.

4) Budget structure.
a) must conform to the Abuja Declaration in terms of health.
b) Special Economic Zones + Exporters must be given special attention.
c) Reduce defence expenditure.
d) Establish priorities not luxuries like cars (+ cyber security equipment)
e) Strict adherence to the budget to reduce deficits.

Finally to the ‘Thatcherist’ or ‘passionate reformer’ ED, the economic pain must be felt by ALL citizens including you.

– Mlungisi from Byo, via WhatsApp

The worst thing that the finance minister and his team are going to do is to pretend to listen to peole when they have already made up their minds about the budget. With our without the peole’s input. If these guys went on with coming up with the bond note despite the people’s resistance to it, why would they listen to the people now? It’s bad to pretend to involve the people.
– via WhatsApp

The Finance Minister is trying to portray as if he is independent. Ncube is someone’s ox. He is told to turn left or right no difference with the commanders who testified a couple of days ago. Even if the whole country is crying for the 2 cents per dollar to be removed, he and his master will say Zimbabweans overwhelmingly support the 2 cents and are even calling for 10 cents per 50 cents tax. Mark my words.
– via WhatsApp

The Minister should just reduce the Government wage bill, remove ghost workers, trip the non productive parastatals or merge them, put all the diamonds into treasury where are the White River Ranch and Murowa Diamonds going besides Chiadzwa for years. These diamond mining companies it’s more like a family business. We Zimbabweans are languishing in the prison of poverty and you preach new dispensation.
– via WhatsApp

No 2% tax we are paying enough. Tax the government. VAT is already there. Why burdening the taxpayer.
– via WhatsApp

There is no order in Zimbabwe especially business wise. Prices are just skyrocketing without a speech from leaders. This country is not animal farm. We need leaders who are sensitive to the life of poor people. The 2% is satanic in nature stop it please minister.
– via WhatsApp

He must capitalise industries to create employment.
– via WhatsApp

Suggestions for the Finance Minister

1. Reduce number of civil servants across all government entities and institutions

2. Reduce governmental spending ie trips perks salaries perks packages etc

3. Off load non performing government entities or privatize them and remain with a small stake ie zbc nrz acc air zimbabwe

4. Reduce size of police force and army.

5. Look into the issue of free health care and free education for primary school kids.

6. All governments need a forensic audit ie zinara nssa zimra etc

7. Look into the issue of subsidies and special economic zones.

8. Reduce tax. We are heavily taxed as it is already.

9. Improve ease of transacting and doing business in Zimbabwe. Too many restrictions.

10. Government cars should be used for government business only and should be parked at end of day.

– Makhosini, via WhatsApp

Govt is using too much of our monies and producing nothing. If you fail, resign. Period.
– via WhatsApp

To have budget build up the economy first because no budget when your finance is not stable. You need to promote farming, mining and industry.
– Max Kay, via WhatsApp

Join rand monetary union. Demonitise the bond note. Increase tax free threshold and bonus. Remove taxation on allowances for private sector employees. This will help increase our disposable income.
– Vusumuzi, via WhatsApp

The Finance Minister should first advise us which currency are we using for 2019. What is the type of budget we are using. What are the souces of income expected. What amount are we hoping to get as income in 2019. That will help us contribute intelligently. Otherwise, we will be a voice in athe wilderness. If there are other technicalities, we need to know them coz for years we suggested and noone listened.
– via WhatsApp

1. Let’s adopt the rand and charge/transact in the rand!

2. Privatise NRZ

3. Remove the 2% tax

4. Government must receive a certain percentage of school fees and the employ more teachers. That percentage will then supplement teachers salaries. Employ the unemployed teachers on the streets.

5. Reduce cash Shortages in the bank by adopting the rand.

– via WhatsApp

Cut govt expenditure, cutting ministers and member of parliament salaries and perks and then adopt SA Rand and leave the bond notes and deal with ghost workers.
– Simbarashe, via WhatsApp

Let the minister focus more on revenue producing capital expenditure in his budget. The economy should self sustain rather than feed from borrowings. the civil service wage bill is big due to a lot of duplication of functions and ghost workers. This thing needs cleaning up its mess.
– via WhatsApp

The Minister of Finance should allocate Ministry of Health and Child Care 15% from its national budget.
– via WhatsApp

The Ministry of Finance should unfreeze government posts which are frozen to easy high unemployment in the country.
– via WhatsApp

The Ministry of Finance should approve the request for recruitment of health professional especially prevention side.Department such as Environmental Health services are understaff and need to capacitate them with qualified human resources to aid in prevention and control of preventable disease in the country.
– via WhatsApp

Do these policy makers ever listen to the ordinary citizens or it’s just a formality of carrying out consultations? If yes why do they impose policies which expose us to suffering? We need poliicies which end the suffering of the masses. The issue of currency must be dealt with ASAP, the pricing system needs attention as well. These two issues are central and what will guide us in assessing the goodness of the fiscal policy. A policy good on paper but bad practically or physically is useless.
– via WhatsApp

2019 budget must reduce # of officials that accompany president out plus salaries of min shld be cut down and their perks.
– via WhatsApp

Reduce the army and police, reduce the cabinet and MPs, remove the bond and be able to save lives and lure investors. Walk the talk by implementing the budget. We are tired of unproductive talk shows. We want action please!
– Uncle Joe, via WhatsApp

Honourable Finance Minister, cut your salaries, reduce foreign trips, please scrap 2% per transaction tax. You’re stealing our hard earned money. Adopt multiple currency and remove bond notes. Make Zimbabwe great again.
– via WhatsApp

Why do they separate those two accounts for. It means there’sno need for bond account because it’s useless. That is the reason why we had a price hike in basic commodities. They don’t even know that we are suffering as ordinary people whilst they sit in the comfort of their homes doing nothing. Their accounts are full of foreign currency not bond. Their pockets are full so why worry about us whether it’s 2 cents taken they don’t care.
– via WhatsApp

In terms of economy, first I was suggesting reducing all MPs salaries. Let them use fuel savers like Honda Fit. Encourage the use of plastic money as we are in such a technological world. Of course doing away with ghost workers, checking on govt expendtireu and reducing these exhorbitant prices and putting an end to these moneychangers.
– via WhatsApp

Scrap away bond and adopt rand, your ministers should not use govt vehicles during the weekends and holidays.
– Cleo, via WhatsApp

I suggest that Mthuli Ncube must put on auction all the cars meant for MPs and buy ambulances for all the constituencies whose MPs were representing them then the MPs get some motorbikes.
– Obert, via WhatsApp

Kindly advise the minister to allocate a budget for the children that the govt sends outside the country in govt scholarships, children who get these scholarships purely on academic achievement when they come from financially disadvantaged families are suffering. Government goes for years without paying the stipend they are supposed to pay them for food, accommodation and medical insurance. ED says he’s a father to the nation. What kind of a father sends his children to a foreign land and then forgets about them.
– via WhatsApp

Audit the civil service and allow people to import basic commodities and do away with the bond note.
– via WhatsApp

Government officals particularly the presidency must stop globe trotting and stop unnecessary spending, channel those funds where they are due eg health or manufacturing sector.
– via WhatsApp

Minister must reduce the number of police and army. We are not at war. Must recruit more doctors and nurses and teachers. Teachers who retire are not being replaced giving a burden to the remaining staff. Doctors – I lost a relative on Sunday because there is not enough personnel.
– Ever in Lion’s Den, via WhatsApp

The Finance Minister has introduced what I call a day light robbery. How can he steal from poor people like that – people who don’t work. That’s being insane.
– via WhatsApp

Comrade Hon Minister, we need to go the Magufuli route if we are serious about resuscitating the economy. Austerity is the only way to go – in deeds not in words – for the masses cannot bear the brunt while chefs roll around in state of the art vehicles and enjoy a whole host of perks!
– via WhatsApp

How can you have a bond note being equal to a US dollar and at the same time have an FCA account and an RTGS account? Minister please tell us the actual value of your bond note. It cannot have two values at the same time. Please top fooling us who is getting US from the RBZ at 1:1 rate and why not everyone. Stop kidding Mthuli. You are treating the national wallet RBZ like your personal wallet.
– via WhatsApp

Train soldiers and police force to be teachers other than rotting in camps whilst your kids don’t have enough teachers. We want a productive country and for people to rebuild our nation.
– via WhatsApp

I think it’s wiser to adopt the rand for the meantime while working hrad on our own currency, and also to audit govt posts and scrap unnecessary posts and ministries.
– Tsungie, via WhatsApp

These people are not sincere at all. They just disguise their malevolence by pretending to be consulting people. It’s all fallacy. People have spoken against this surrogate currency but mark my words it will be used: This bond note does not work full stop.
– via WhatsApp

They must make sure bond and USD is 1:1 to avoid confusion.
– Choice, via WhatsApp

Hope that all these MPs are going to allow you to cut off all their perks that they have been receiving for years. They will have to live within their means and stop expecting us to pay for all their luxuries. Stop the free ride.
– Gail, via Facebook

One step at a time slowly and thoroughly, whatever direction you choose to follow.
– Patricia, via Facebook

Privatise road maintenance and manage the pple doing the job the u get percentage from the revenue collected not the whole lot and not planting back.
– Claison, via email

Facilitate the removal of bond notes, they are bringing distortions in the market.
– via WhatsApp

Is the 2% tax going to be a lifetime tax?
– via WhatsApp

I suggest that Zanu PF detach itself from government. They should not use government money to fund their party activities.
– via WhatsApp

Source funds to resuscitate industries, not borrow money for leisure activities.
– via WhatsApp

Please tell us official places to get foreign currency because if you say black market is illegal, where do we get the foreign currency to travel to other countries. You know very well that the bond is recognised locally only.
– via WhatsApp

Focus on spending, especially on precious forex, that prioritises national interests rather than limited personal or sectoral interests. The days of spending precious forex to gratify the egos of the powerful should be over. Build our nation, not egos that cannot ever get enough. Sort out the currency to make Zimbabwe competitive with regional and international trading partners. Support the poor during the transition.
– Barbara, via email

Source: Kubatana

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