First, Zimbabwe needs to re-engage with itself

Responding to Brian Raftopolous on Zimbabwe’s need for National Dialogue, Collen wrote us to say:

Does Zimbabwe need National Dialogue? First things first. It is sad to note that Zimbabweans, politicians in particular, never learn. We experienced the same political situation during the time of R. Mugabe and M. Tsvangirai. Ordinary Zimbabweans suffered in a way that made history. SADC had to come in, though to initiate what was obvious – political dialogue. We are faced with the same scenario but surprisingly seem to forget what to do. Shame, shame and shame again.

President Mnangagwa is doing the right thing wrong. Re-engagement. It’s quite a noble idea, but where and who do you start to re-engage? First, the President needs to re-engage himself, then the G40, thirdly, all opposition parties including civic groups & the business community. Only when Zimbabwe has re-engaged with itself, the we can talk of re-engagement with the international community. Common sense is real not common to everyone. In short, national dialogue is long over-due.

What can solve our current economic crisis? Simple. National dialogue first, burying our differences (political, racial and tribal), then speak with one voice as one united people. That alone will be a recipe for attracting foreign investors. Secondly we must stop corruption at all cost. This can be done in just a few weeks. How? Incentivise whistle blowing, arrest and detain. Just give everyone a good lesson by arresting top known people and give them long prison terms. That will stop the rot.

Zimbabwe is not in any economic crisis, the crisis is political but manifesting economically. Sorry to say this, I hate Zimbabwean politicians with passion. It is because of these people that we are in this mess. They are all bent on power for thieving.

Source: Collen Hwara, via email

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