Zimbabwe Post Elections: What did you expect? What do you think should happen?

Following Tony Reeler’s provocative question and submissions at the SAPES public dialogue this week: Zimbabwe’s 2018 Elections: A Postmortem,  we asked our members what Tony asked the meeting: What do you think? What did you expect after the election? What do you think should happen from here?

Here are some of their responses . . .

  • Well in my opinion, I think if Chamisa has valid evidence he must take necessary action via the courts of law but if he doesn’t have evidence he must just brace defeat. They are some people who doesn’t take defeat lightly but there is a time when one has to let go. Well, unless of course he had already seen himself in the presidential office way before elections: it then takes time to heal from the pain of being let down. He is of course allowed to feel cheated and all, but at some point he must just let it go if he lost! After elections I expected absolutely nothing! Lol, well politicians are just the same. They’re human just like you and me, their interest are at heart before the nation’s. Politics is just a job, when one finds a job it will be more at his benefit than the company’s. People should just move on with their day to day activities. Vanhu ngavangoite yavagara vachiita! Also it takes time for Zimbabwe’s economy to change, people mustn’t expect miracles over night. All will be well.
  • 1. I expect better transparent government that respect the rule of law and one that does not tolerate intimidation and corruption
    2. I expect true reflection of Zimbabwe people expression of true freedom of expression and association
    3. I expect honest government that accepts honest defeat or succession.
    4. I expect a government that will be legitimate in the eyes of the world and one which can engage with the globe
    5. I expect a government that allows every citizen (Zimbabweans/where-ever they are) to participate in national elections (a government of all citizens)
    – Peter
  • Guys these people are all Zimbabweans,why cant they put hands together and start building the economy. The difference is very small numbers. There is no need to fight. Let us solve our issues in our own house amicably
  • What ended up happening post elections was better than I expected.
  • Personally, I wasn’t much into current affairs until the day I decided I’m going to cast my 1st ever vote. There was no way that I would expect another party to win after they had taken power from Bob. However there is never a way to justify civilian deaths, but planned or not, the killing sent a message that was well received by most. People won’t demonstrate in fear of death now. However, vandalism of property and all only sets us back. As it stands, ED is president. I say we let him be and see where he takes us in the next years. We however need to be careful of commander VP who seems rather impulsive with his orders, he better not plan on taking the throne. Chamisa on the other hand, should stop counter negotiations with other nations if it won’t be for the nation’s best interest. I understand his frustration but he needs to calm down and set emotions aside, keep building his party until the day he is rightfully crowned, sadly.
  • I think these last elections were as close to being free and fair as could be expected. Lest we all forget, democracy is not perfect even in the so called developed democracies. I voted for change but accept that the opposition was outsmarted in the campaign stages. ZANU PF got a lot of votes in the urban areas. Why? I think their message got through to some of those voters who would have otherwise voted for MDC. Let’s all accept these results and move on.
  • M so devastated by the brutal shootings by the so called zim professional army to innocent weaponless Zimbabweans. I am deeply in pain. I never expected that in the so called new dispensation by ED. Right now I am so confused as to what’s next.
  • I think Mr Mnangagwa should be gentleman enough and accept the will of the people. He lost and he knows it . He must just hand over power!
  • My expectation was to see peace and order and that the winner who has been voted through a free and fair process, as we were promised, will start ruling with a clear vision of where he wants to take the country. I was dreaming of living in a country where people will be 1 despite their different political background and will try to come together to rebuild the country with 1 heart and 1 mind. People of Zimbabwe have gone through so many challenges, so many dark days that all they want is to see the light. However, all they got is confusion. It seems that they are back to square 1 with no hope of a better future. May the Almighty living God have mercy on Zimbabwe.
  • I think we brace for the worst. Because we all know the outcome was not a will of the people. I will work to survive and not dream of reviving the nation. Never can you build anything with a thief and hope you will achieve anything. A true leader leads by example, but 9 months now what did we see? I expected that result because the ground was not even at all. The only thing that can help us is to be resilient and seek God for a solution. Let us remember Zimbabwe we now like scattered sheep without a shepherd again.
  • Honestly speaking am one of disappointed first time voters, if Zanu PF wants to be in power they shouldn’t waste our time, state funds, they should just form a dynasty and stop harassing us, intimidating us because they have killed our dreams as young people, hee young cabinet when MPs are 74, 65 that’s rubbish.
  • Working class of Zimbabwe must join hands with the Scientific Democratic World Socialist Movements as (World Socialists Movement Zimbabwe [WSMZ]) and only can it resuscitate the social normalcy.
  • Personally I feel we need patriotism by Zimbabweans. What it means is to reflect positively on the consequences of our behaviour. Is it good for the future of our country. This country need put the economy right in order to create jobs. So vote buying before elections and violence after elections is not good for our country. We are all Zimbabweans and it does not matter who lead us.
  • I think the winner must assemble the cabinet and let the country move forward. We can not serve personal interests of election candidates. An election was meant to choose a government and that only should be maintained. On poor attendance of Sapes, it is too unbalanced and ceases to be academic. Zimbabweans looks emotional at the moment so it’s not easy to find real analysis and rational contribution so sometimes we loose interest in those gatherings where intellectual freedom is constrained.
  • Chamisa won the election, period.
  • Credibility and fairness of elections in Zimbabwe is still a pipe dream, there is definitely no confidence in ZEC, they can never be trusted. I expected a national assembly with MPs from different political parties, ushering in of a new government that will speedily restore Zimbabwe’s dignity. We await the challenge of elections at the courts. Going forward, rule of law and constitutionalism must be religiously prioritised. Corruption and incompetence must be nipped in the bud. But for that to happen we need unmatchable commitment from the powers that be, and that includes 100% judiciary independence.
  • I think afterwards….We need Major currency reforms…. We need to do two things….Introduce our own currency before hand and join the Rand Monetary Union or keep the Multi currency regime….I think the later is highly Unfavorable
  • I think challenging results is provided in the constitution so those with issues allow them to do so.
    After this constitutional right has been granted in a free court the outcome will pave way! No to violence , state sponsored or not! Peace!
  • After election I expected that there will be real change in Zimbabwe and that investors will be scrambling to invest here
  • A postmortem can not be done if one is still in the intensive care let’s wait for the appeal
  • I think Zimbabweans especially leaders should first think of other people before they embark on any other business they think of….and also because of the power hungry we Zimbabweans have elections will not be free and fair…they should swallow their pride and think of the people who are suffering because of the so called leaders
  • Zimbabwe must exercise democracy first, in everything. We don’t want to harassed but we want to be free. Let’s wait for the courts

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