Introducing Ziso / Ililho: Citizen Anti-Violence Platform

Welcome to Ziso/Ililho

The Zimbabwe Citizen Initiative, in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum), brings to the people of Zimbabwe Ziso/Ililho Citizen Anti-Violence Platform designed to combat human rights violations by equipping every citizen with tools to monitor, document and act against violation of human rights.

As Zimbabwe draws towards the watershed 2018 elections, incidences of violence and intimidation have gone up. Through Ziso/Ililho, the people of Zimbabwe now have an opportunity to record violations and dispatch reports through the Ushahidi Powered Platform. This enables human rights defenders to respond and ensure relief and justice for victims. It also enables a wide scale collection of evidence against perpetrators in a manner that allows for exposure and possible prosecution of offenders.

How it Works

Ziso/Ililho is powered by a crowdsourcing software called Ushahidi originally used in Kenya in 2008 to monitor violence during the election. The system has the following features:

SMS Platform – When citizens observe incidences of violence or any other violation, they can send an sms to 0772 232 046. Messages sent to this number go on the digital Ziso/Ililho violence-monitoring map, generating alerts for a team of community responders coordinated by the ZCI who will verify every report. These reports, once verified will trigger human rights defenders reaction teams coordinated by the Forum. This number does not receive calls. Numbers to call are given below.

Whats App Platform – In the same manner, witnesses or victims of violence can send messages, videos or pictures of violence by Whats App to the same number 0772 232 046. These messages are analysed, verified and responded to in the shortest possible time. This number does not receive calls. Numbers to call are below.

Email – Ziso/Ililho also collects information via email. Witnesses and victims can email reports to This is an unmanned email that automatically uploads verified violations to

Twitter Feed – Ziso/Ililho is also integrated with the twitter #Zisoililho and #Ziso2018 . Witnesses and victims can send a twitter message with the hashtag #Zisoililho or #Ziso2018 This will be automatically collected and added to the violence map on

24 hour Call Centre – Ziso/Ililho has a 24 Hour Call Centre. Witnesses and victims can call our hotlines any time to response emergence cases of violence. The toll free number are the following: Econent – 0808 0242 NetOne 0801 2020. Other subscribers can call directly on 0776 885 294 and 0712 844 954.

Real-time violence monitoring – Ziso/Ililho offers real time violence tracking through a dedicated website This allows anyone to track incidences of violence and take safety precautions where necessary.

Getting Involved

Ziso/Ililho is a citizen tool to combat violence. Please share the contacts and let everyone take action against violence. No Crime Against the Citizen Is A Secret.

About the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum
The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) is a coalition of 22 human rights organisations working in Zimbabwe for the protection of all human rights of all people. The Forum has since 1998 worked with victims of organized violence and torture in search of justice, healing and accountability.

About the Zimbabwe Citizen Initiative (ZCI)
Zimbabwe Citizens’ Initiative is a convergence of Zimbabweans all over the world that have resolved to come up with action oriented citizens’ participation approach to the Zimbabwean problems. Part of the ZCI first objective is to ensure a platform that can help shine a spotlight on the grave human rights abuses and the politically motivated violence that has been the recurrent culture of elections in the country.

Contact Details
Suite 4, Number 1 Raleigh Street, Harare
Telephone – +263 4 770 177

Source: Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

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