Human Rights Report (1 – 23 July 2018)

/Summary of Violations

Heal Zimbabwe recorded a total of 82 human rights violations in 21 districts from the 1st – 23rd of July 2018. Heal Zimbabwe observed that the recorded human rights violations fall under the same five categories that featured in the previous report. These categories include intimidation, destruction of campaign material, assault, forced participation to political gatherings and partisan distribution of aid (food and inputs). Intimidation recorded the highest number of cases with 81.7% (67 cases) 16 cases higher compared to the previous report which registered 87.93% (51 cases). Destruction of campaign material was second recording 6.09% (5 cases). Forced participation to political gatherings and partisan distribution of aid recorded 4.87% (4 cases) each. Assault recorded the least with 2.43% (4 cases). Heal Zimbabwe observed that the human rights violations originated from (i) Presidential Proclamation of the elections dates, (ii) ZANU PF weekly community meetings (iii) ZANU PF and MDC Alliance rallies (iv) food hand outs from the Department of Social Welfare and (v) the BVR system.

Heal Zimbabwe is greatly appalled by the recurrence of human rights violations in local communities especially the cases linked to intimidation. In this report, Intimidation constituted the majority of violations with 67 cases, 16 cases higher than the previous report where 51 cases of intimidation were recorded. Heal Zimbabwe continuously states that intimidation directly hinders free participation of citizens in democratic processes and stalls efforts towards peace and tolerance ahead of the general elections. Major manifestations of intimidation include the general threats or reminders of past electoral violence (gruesome 27 June 2008 rerun violence) upon which many were killed, maimed, injured and evicted. This is spiced up by perpetrators who remind community members of the re-emergence of torture bases if ZANU PF loses the election. Another form of intimidation involves the threats of violence by the military following the events of 15 November 2017. Other threats involve general threats of evictions and withdrawal of aid (food and inputs). The continued prevalence of human rights violations is worrisome as it impedes peaceful coexistence and free expression of citizens’ rights in democratic processes. Heal Zimbabwe applauds the NPRC for rolling out peace awareness campaigns across the country aimed at promoting peace and tolerance ahead of the general elections slated for 30 July 2018. Heal Zimbabwe continuously calls for peace and tolerance ahead of the general elections.

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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