Dismantling the System of Mugabeism

/Fellow Zimbabweans.

As part of celebrating my 31st birthday scheduled for May 29 allow me to share with you a copy of my book Dismantling The System of Mugabeism which I launched in Germany last month. Download it for free and feel free to send me feedback on my Whatsapp: +32485850059

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Sr
Human Rights Defender


I feel refreshed and motivated to write this book in this new-old political dispensation. New in the sense that, this is the first time ever since I was born to see this country having another President who is not Robert Gabriel Mugabe and old in the sense that those who are now in power are the same people who have been in charge of this country for the past four decades working alongside Mugabe.

Yes Mugabe has gone but the system he created is still intact. Are the Mnangagwas of this world going to reform and become ambassadors of peace, tolerance, democracy and respect of the rule of law? Or they will simply pick up the sjamboks from where Mugabe left them and perpetuate his legacy of brutality? Is corruption going to end considering that a few former Ministers who were arrested by Mnangagwa’s administration were being used as scapegoats, most of the criminals and kleptocrats who committed serious crimes against humanity and corruption are still serving in the post-Mugabe ZANU PF government?

The same old people who bled Zimbabwe dry serving in the kleptocratic regime of Robert Mugabe are the same people who are serving under Mnangagwa. They survived jail because of their loyalty to both the old and the new President (Mugabe and Mnangagwa respectively) so does it mean patronage and impunity which Mugabe was usingin this country to protect his cronies will still continue even under the so called new President Emmerson Mnangagwa?

This book shall discuss about the system of Mugabeism recommending that this culture must be totally dismantled if Zimbabwe is serious about total democratization and redeeming this country from this political and economic quagmire.

The argument in this book is that it is going to be very difficult for Mnangagwa’s administration to delink from Mugabeism because that is the system which created them and that’s their DNA. Zimbabweans must try to avoid the same mistake which we committed in 1980 when we removed a white dictator and replaced him with a black dictator and tried to build the country basing on such a delusional belief that we were free yet there was no freedom, we had only changed the colour of our oppressor.

After a protracted armed struggle which took about fourteen years all we did as Zimbabweans was to change the face of the dictator not the system. Is it not the same thing which we have done removing Mugabe and replacing him with Mnangagwa one of his henchman, the chief architect of horrible atrocities in Zimbabwe and a graduate of the toxic politics of Mugabeism? Remember this is a system which was built and reinforced for almost four decades, Mnangagwa was there when it all started and when ZANU was formed half a century ago he becameMugabe’s confidante until late 2017 when Mugabe’s wife Grace came between them and turned their (Mugabe and Mnangagwa) relationship sour.

Mnangagwa was groomed, incubated and mentored by Robert Mugabe and he will always be the custodian of Mugabeism because that is his DNA, simple logic. Mugabeism spread everywhere across Zimbabwe like veld fire or tentacles of an octopus. Things that are deadly quickly spread like Ebola or cholera, so was Mugabeism in all government departments intoxicating and corrupting the way this country was being run. We can change Presidents from one to another but if this system (Mugabeism) is not totally dismantled Zimbabwe will never stop bleeding.

This book also advises President Mnangagwa to stand up, own up and take responsibility of the role he played in the past atrocities which ravaged Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa owes Zimbabwe an apology for the role he played during the Gukurahundi genocide, 2008 post election violence, Murambatsvina, corruption and other kleptocratic scandals he committed so that the people of Zimbabwe can open a new page.

Not only him, but the entire military junta which is now in charge of Zimbabwe committed a lot of atrocities during Mugabe’s era and were part of the same political cabal (ZANU PF) which ruined Zimbabwe for the past four decades.

Yes we all celebrated the role they played in deposing Mugabe but that does not make them saints now that the euphoria is dead we must go back to the drawing board, reflect and ask ourselves fundamental questions about governance issues in this country.

They have a lot to explain to the people of Zimbabwe. The role they played in removing Mugabe through a military coup on November 15, 2017 was just like that of a witch reversing the curse she had sent on you, they are the same people who imposed Mugabe against the will of the people of Zimbabwe in 2008 and massacred hundreds of suspected opposition activists.

That on its own (the June 27 post election violence in 2008) was a coup the only difference is that at that time it was to Mugabe’s advantage as he was being reinstated by the army against the will of the people after losing elections to the late Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC -T.

It was a case of securocrats intervening in civilian politics, Mugabe tolerated it since it was to his advantage and he refused to implement security sector reforms which the people of Zimbabwe were demanding, not knowing that by so doing he was keeping a cub in his house which later on grew into a big lion and devoured him.

Truth telling and reconciliation is critical for genuine national healing to happen in this country if we are to move forward as a nation because they are a lot of untold storiesout there and crimes against humanity committed by ZANU PF and it’s partisan army the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

The wounds are still fresh, bleeding and such issues need closure as victims would like to know what really transpired and give a decent burial to their loved ones whose remains are scattered around unmarked mass graves in Matebeleland and Midlands.
In conclusion this book also seeks to advise the Zimbabwean electorate to make wise decisions when they get into the ballot. ZANU PF regime does not deserve another chance of ruling Zimbabwe considering all the damage it caused on our beautiful country and how it deprived millions of us decent lives and a better future.

All our dreams were shuttered under their misrule. Yes Mugabe is gone but we are not yet in a new Zimbabwe as ZANU PF is still in power with the same kleptocratic cabal which ruined this country with Mugabe since 1980.

The only way to make Zimbabwe rise again is to non-violently remove ZANU PF out of power through the ballot or by any means necessary, especially if they rig elections as usual that must not be tolerated anymore. The next critical step in this struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe is removing ZANU PF and its corrupt system of governance out of power. That is the only way towards dismantling the system of Mugabeism which the army backed ZANU PF under Mnangagwa is trying to maintain and rule us forever.

If we can liken our situation to the biblical Israelites, we are not yet in Canaan we are still wandering in the wilderness, what is now required is a new political order which can take us to Canaan, a Zimbabwe which is not under ZANU PF.

Let’s us all join hands and unite as we head towards a new Zimbabwe, a garden with fruits we can all enjoy.

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Sr

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