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Direction is hanging around people who make you a better person financially, morally professionally and above all spiritually. I believe one can be a professional and not uphold professional principles hence the reason why people are misled by people who they think are professional because of job titles and how fat their bank accounts are.

I wish everyone could look at life in such a way that allows productivity each and every day. This would make this world a better place. If what you are doing is not going to edify your health don’t do it, if it’s not going to put food on your table don’t do it, if it’s not going to improve anyone’s life don’t do it, if it’s a selfish and self-centred thing to do, do not do it for everything good starts with you.

We all want a clean and smart Harare but it is you who is littering, it is you who is vending illegally without wanting any form of liabilities. Which successful business is run without any liabilities? I know we are all blaming the government for all that we have become, but has anyone thought of what we can possibly become ourselves to change all that we are blaming the government for? I’m not saying we should not blame them totally, but are we not also fuelling what is happening? Who is building a tuck shop and vending illegally? It all comes back to the community in the name of “we lost our jobs”. I extend my greatest sympathy but let’s do things the right way so that we do not worsen the situation. We can barely walk in town and no one follows the road signals.

To be honest I’m of the view that we can turn this country around ourselves without blaming the government for what we have become. I remember the government tried to tidy up the city and there was an uproar. Why? Because we all said customers are in the centre of town, but have you ever thought if you create a one stop market in a designated area and free the streets the same customers willing to buy cheap or affordable goods from the streets will locate you. Can you imagine having proper ablutions and well maintained areas to operate from with consideration of a day care centre in the proximity? My heart bleeds when I see mothers with babies on their backs in the harshest environments. Why on earth are you going to bring them on this earth for such hardships? So mothers and fathers, efforts to clean up our city will benefit both you and I and definitely customers will locate you because they need affordable products. A joint effort by everyone to maintain the designated areas will still help to maintain affordable prices and customers will come.

I personally do not reside in a posh suburb but all I have ever wanted is to promote the posh look that comes with the already established posh suburbs. What I get in return is illegal vendors mushrooming left right and centre. Illegal structures are not even built neatly why? Countless times I have asked the city councils to assist, all I get is “we do not have resources to evacuate them”. What resources do they need to tell people that’s not their land and the structures built are not conducive and they need to apply to the city of Harare for a place to operate from? I am not a mean person at all but I want home to be homely and businesses should be established in a comfortable and professional environment for the customers and community at large.

Does anyone realise how beautiful Westgate shopping centre is? What I just can’t just stand is the vendors who have fenced themselves around the complex. Why would the authorities allow the community to destroy such a beautiful place? Surely there is space away from the pavements that these vendors can be allocated to operate from and customers will still locate them. Can these vendors have neatly built structures to operate from so that we don’t blame the government for even the smallest issue we can sort out ourselves.

All I think is the government should do is point people to where they should operate from – just clean structures like a shaded area with a day care and ablutions. I am willing to offer voluntary service in administering such an initiative. Tired of just complaining and brooding inside. I am not a town planner, nor am I an engineer or environmental expert, but I can work together with the experts on cleaning up our sunshine city. I am an organiser who is with me in this fight for order (=) equals efficiency, good health, peace of mind, business growth and sustainability? Name the rest.

Source: Diana–Rose Bandason

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