Solidarity Messages for Sheffra, Noku and Nenyasha Dzamara

Original interview with Sheffra Dzamara here

Below are just some of the 11 pages of solidarity messages received from the Kubatana community in regard to the forced disappearance of Itai Dzamara. You can download all the messages here

The story about this guy still haunts me, I like this new Zimbabwe where in a kombi one can talk about politics and not fear for their life. But at the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder where he is, I never knew the guy personally, but I was amazed by his courage to be the voice of the voiceless. My heart is with his family it’s like torture not knowing, not having closure, kids growing up without a dad. I can’t wish that even on my worst enemy. I need answers we need answers he will never be forgotten

Dear Dzamara family

I feel inextricably connected to you. On the 9th of March 2015, I lay on a hospital bed, recovering from post op drugs after the rather dramatic birth of my daughter. As a first time mum, I was over the moon and couldn’t take my eyes off her. As the euphoria of it all started to wane, I checked my phone to catch up on news.

My Twitter feed was buzzing with the name Itai Dzamara. This man had been abducted in broad daylight, in full view of the people. My heart? absolutely broke for your family. On a day my husband and I were celebrating a brand new life, you must have been so anguished over the whereabouts of your husband. I too, joined in the hash tags, retweeting and liking as many ‘#bringbackitai’ hash tags as I could. Days turned into weeks and there was still no news on the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara. How could a man disappear? And how could the government not do anything? On the 9th of every month, as I celebrated my daughter’s birth, I thought about you and your family.

I look at how much my daughter has grown in three years, I cannot imagine what it’s been like for you. Every time I look at my daughter, I think of Itai Dzamara. I hope one day soon, your husband will be accounted for and you get the peace you so deserve?

My thoughts are with you always.
Lots of love, Precious

Be strong Seffra. I know you are afraid and tired and lonely. But Zimbabwe is with you and we will never forget. Itai remains in our hearts and one day he will return to you and your children.

To the Dzamara family, it has been a dark period for all of us and it cannot be any easier for you in particular as each day we ponder and ask the million dollar “kuti sure sure what really happened to Itai?”. But in all this, God is not foolish but will always be there for you. Faith tell us that God is there for the fatherless and those without strength whichsoever way it goes keep the faith. For once I believe in the adage “give me strength and power to accept things i cannot change”. Stay strong and always remember that one day, someone or some elements or whoever did it what they did to Itai will be called to stand, account and give response to judgement for this nerve wrecking mystery.

Love and in thoughts of you.
Raymond Mhlanga

Dear Kubatana

I am writing in solidarity wishing Sheffra, Nokutenda, and Nenyasha much love and support. I applaud Sheffra as a strong woman and we stand by her as we demand that the government tell us the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara #bringbackitai. As a mother of two as well, my prayers for Sheffra and the children. We will not be silenced until we get the truth.


The story of Itai Dzamara is a great one and one that should not be ignored if we if we are to be totally free. if it is ignored we will continue to have people disappear with the government and the police keeping mum when it is supposed to save and protect. At least Kubatana is helping by bringing the story to light and telling it as it is to everyone in Zimbabwe to hear. To itai’s family don’t lose hope you are strong, remain strong and one day these oppressors will ignore you no more resulting in the truth coming out as it always does, and justice will prevail. Sheffra, Noku and Nenyasha remain strong i will continue to support your struggle, and I know that thousands of Zimbabweans out there are also supporting you. – Justice

My love and prayers are with you – lest we forget – thank you Itai for your bravery. Please Lord let this family find their husband and father
God bless this brave family.
Sarah van Rensburg


It is difficult to write this note. Words do not come

easy in a situation where so many questions have gone unanswered. Worse off, knowing that the 16-21 November 2017 movement across Zimbabwe saw the realisation of Itai’s call for Mugabe’s resignation.

Yet Itai was not there to witness and celebrate too. Words do not come easy, especially in a situation whereby most of us still have the privilege of having a father or a husband. Worse off, knowing that most of these male figures did not have a backbone where it mattered the most.

Yet Itai became that hero we so needed in our lifetime.

Words do not come easy, especially in a situation where I too am a mother. Worse off, picking silly complaints about life and not counting my blessings in a world so full of terror.

Yet you, Itai’s wife, has to wake up to two children with a void in their eyes echoing the questions in your heart. You, Mai Dzamara, feel it all.

I have no words.

So instead, I will pray for you and your family. And petition God for justice for a man whose cause was as big as the nation Zimbabwe.

Ndinonamatira tsitsi, ngoni nenyasha. But above all, ndinonamatira chokwadi.


To Sheffra and the Kids may the good Lord continue to give you comfort. Psalms 91. Itai was my classmate at Highfield High School 1993-1996. Greatly missed.

Source: Kubatana members

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