Pathways to Peace and Reconciliation: Literature Lessons for Zimbabwe

/The Peace, Healing and Reconciliation Series Issue 1

Zimbabwe enacted an enabling legislation to operationalize the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) on 5 January 2017, which was long overdue, since 2013. The NPRC is set to address a pile-up of Zimbabwe’s violent legacies experienced before and after the country’s independence in 1980. However, the citizenry has been party to protracted debates and uncertainty regarding the feasibility of sustainable peace and reconciliation process. Drawing from both domestic and international experiences, this review provides pointers into the options for Zimbabwe’s national healing, reconciliation and peacebuilding. This paper reviews Zimbabwe’s healing reconciliation discourse and how the process could be prosecuted. This review is also a precursor to Heal Zimbabwe’s nation-wide baseline study conducted to solicit communities’ perceptions of what constitutes healing, peace and reconciliation. The baseline study establishes options for the NPRC progress indicators design and processes upon which the Commission and Civic Society Organisations (CSOs) will track achievements.

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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