Registration slips not a ticket to get agricultural inputs

The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) welcomes the recent High Court ruling allowing all people born in Zimbabwe and are holders of identification endorsed ‘alien’ the right to register to vote in the general elections provided they have proof one of their parents was born in southern Africa. Previously these people were deprived of their right to vote despite being born in Zimbabwe by parents who migrated from countries such as Zambia and Malawi in search of work on farms and mines in Zimbabwe. The standoff in this matter had resulted in many people being taken advantage of by some political players. It was high time this matter had to be solved and avoid disenfranchising a large section of Zimbabwean society.

It had also come to ZPP’s attention that some of these people who failed to meet the conditions imposed by some political leaders. Those in charge of distribution of inputs were demanding voter registration slips and those without did not benefit. On 23 November villagers gathered at Pfupajena Primary School in Chegutu West to receive farming inputs. Zanu PF chairperson Edward Chirikure told the villagers that they had to produce a valid voter’s registration slip and surrender serial numbers on the slip to receive the inputs. The so called ‘aliens’ were deprived of their allocation.

The BVR process should not be used by political parties as an opportunity to mobilise for their parties by hijacking government funded programmes. The ZPP is relieved that the so called ‘aliens’ will no longer be discriminated against in government programmes on the basis of their citizenship and whether they have been reigstered or not. ZPP is also happy to hear that the Registrat General has extended the mobile registration process for birth certificates and identity documents after citizens asked for an extension at the expiry of the process on November 30. The extension is until January 30, 2018.

ZPP encourages all those experiencing the demand for serial numbers from some unscrupulous elements to report the cases to the police as this is criminal. No one is supposed to note serial numbers of registrants.

Source: Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP)

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