We need to believe in our power

Yes we are all reeling in the aftermath of the non-resignation.

Now we continue with uncertainty. A host of people – experts, analysts, call them what you want, are playing out the different scenarios and it causes more confusion. Those seeking relevancy and wanting to build on their constituency are now going to encourage us to join this march or that demonstration or that sit-in.

Take a moment. Breathe and reflect.

On reflection, make sure you marvel at how awesome we are. We went out on the streets in our own special way. We showed love for our country and we showed those in power – both legitimate and illegitimate – that we are one nation. That we do not buy into the labels and little boxes you want to put us into or divide us. We don’t buy into the hate speech or the power tussles. Yes, you may think we are your pawns but we are not.

Agreed, there were those with agendas – pro this or that or other – but we put all those aside as we walked side by side. If we hadn’t, then the march would have been of a far more different tone than the one, the nation, the region and the rest of the world witness. We put aside our labels along the dividing lines you can imagine – race, colour, gender, religion, tribalistic, party affiliation and most importantly it was the very young, the very old and all the in between.

The majority of us went out on the streets and showed togetherness. We collectively raised our voices to show you and tell you that we are one nation. We held hands, we sang, we whistled, we laughed and we told you in our simple way. We want a new Zimbabwe.

So people, let’s reflect on the fact that we have power. Don’t be fooled into confining your thought processes to the fact that we were “allowed” to march. It may have started off as us being manipulated into an agenda where the people who have threatened us off the streets now needed our voice to legitimise their actions.

As we all walked to different points to meet and march, we didn’t know what the day would bring. It brought jubilation, joy and love. We reflected what we have held in our hearts for a very very long time.

So I don’t have the answer of how we build. We have to discuss that. What I do know is that I don’t want to just settle “for the devil we know”. If we showed each other how well we can collectively come together for our nation, then we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity.

Let us aim for exceptional leadership. Leadership that embraces all the values we hold high regard for – honesty, integrity, accountability, compassion and unity. We don’t want people motivated by self-interest. We want a President who is there to see our country prosper for us and not at our expense. We want Senators and MPs who understand what we need and then formulate policy that reflect our needs and not their personal gain. Our interests take precedence over party interests when it comes to voting in Parliament. We want councillors who are motivated by improving peoples lives and not the cars they can now buy.

We had the the conviction to raise our voices once, let’s have the conviction to ask for higher.

Source: Reyhana Masters

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