“Now we must imagine a new future without him, and without the portraits of a big man looking down on our every move.”
– Ranga Mberi

On Saturday 18 November, Zimbabweans marched in their thousands. Our message was clear: It’s time for Mugabe to retire.

Ordinary Zimbabweans want this, including many of our Defense Forces, opposition supporters, Zanu PF supporters and pro-democracy activists.

We marched to make this clear.

And here is another way to make this visible and real.

If your shop, restaurant, hotel, office or kiosk has an RGM presidential portrait Up, please take it Down.

Make the dream of Mugabe vacating office a reality – get involved.

But be respectful.

Participate in the #TakeHimDown Campaign – here are some options . . .

1. You could #TakeHimDown and just put him under your bed but then you might have nightmares
2. You could #TakeHimDown and take him to your nearest Police Station or District Office and ask them to hold on to him for you
3. You could #TakeHimDown and take out his picture, hang the frame back up with a ? inside the frame

And of course, when the ? becomes a person, you can decide whether or not you ever want to decorate your wall again with another presidential portrait.

Now is a good time to start flexing your freedom of choice and your rights as an active, participatory citizen.

Be your own hero.

Kubatana estimates that there are thousands of RGM portraits on walls throughout our country – not just in government establishments but also in places where they don’t need to be. In many instances the portraits have been hung in fear not in admiration.

If you decide to #TakeHimDown please . . .

A) Tell us! If you want to share details that’s cool, if you don’t that’s also cool
B) We would love to know in your own words why you decided to #TakeHimDown
C) If you give us a location that would be awesome because we will visualise the #TakeHimDown Campaign and share a map with you illustrating the topple effect
D) Ok, we’re not lying, a selfie would be Pretty Fantastic

You can WhatsApp us on +263 772 452201
Connect with us on Twitter @kubatana
Email us info@kubatana.net
And of course get active with us on Facebook

Express yourself!

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