Residents protest against poor water quality, debt policy and water tariff increase

Residents of Glen Norah today 13 November 2017, protested against poor quality of Harare water which is coming from the tap with a sewer smell.

The protest was also triggered by engagement of Well-cash Debt Collectors which charged 10% administration costs on residents in violation of Sections 8 and 9 of the Legal Practitioners Act.

Residents expressed reservations with the proposal to increase water tariff from 0,25c to 0,70c per cubic meter for post-paid system and from 0,25c to $1,20c per cubic meter for prepaid system.

A petition was presented to the Area Administrator Ms Zvavanjanja, the Town Clerk’s office and the Mayor’s office.

The demands of the petition include dis-engagement of Well-cash debt collectors; crediting into customer accounts all money paid through Well-cash; testing water quality at taps within suburbs; review of the 2018 City of Harare Budget proposal; preservation of wetlands and natural infrastructure of water; sharing of a report with stakeholders on the use of US$144 million loan and the pre-paid water meter pilot project.

Source: Community Water Alliance