IDs, BVR mobile exercises mismatch causes outcry

LACK of coordination of the process of mobile voter registration and that of mobile identity documents registration has left citizens in some parts of the country short-changed and crying foul.

One such area is in Insiza District, Matebeleland South, where the mobile Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) blitz went into the community ahead of the Registrar-General’s office’s exercise of issuing national IDs, birth and death certificate.

As a result, many people in the area could not take advantage of the BVR blitz.

However, after the mobile identity registration eventually came some of the people have been willing to go and register in Filabusi, which is the district capital, though many have been facing challenges of transportation.

But still challenges remain with the low publicity of the mobile registration for identity documents as some people were still not aware of its presence in the area.

Since last week Monday, ZimRights voter mobilisation teams have been criss-crossing Matabeleland areas doing voter registration mobilisation roadshows.

The purpose of the roadshows is to encourage people to take on the opportunity to register as voters during the current BVR blitz.

In Mahole, in Filabusi in Matabeleland South the teams encountered reports – similar to those emanating from many parts of the country – of people asking for serial numbers of voter registration slips from those that register to vote.

As a result of the intimidation or past elections trauma, some people in areas like Filabusi did not want to have their biometric features taken.

In areas such as Baganti, youths were the ones mainly affected by lack of identity documents.

Source: ZimRights

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