That voting changes anything is a blatant lie

The news of voter registration is clouding media houses and the street among all other walks of life right now. I hear it on the radio and see it on the Internet.

But who am I? I am a millennial, a graduate (23), a perennial student and an unemployed youth.

Education was deemed as my passport to a world without poverty and suffering. I was supposed to stop being a beggar and be a man of my means just before I graduated. Loads and loads of groceries were supposed to head towards my parents and make them at last rest.

But as is the case for many, that has just been a kindergarten dream. I am still dependent, lost and still to find a path of my own. I cannot even afford to buy a pair shoes for my parents on Christmas.

I am told, only by voting, is when my fortune will change. To change from bad to good, no matter who I vote. But that is a blatant lie.

I have seen my parents vote since I was a child, but the yield of our fields never changed. There was only a depleted amount of rainfall every year that people voted in my village.

In 2013, I was eligible to vote, but I didn’t. It was because I found no motivation or fascination to assist me in doing so. It is not like I’m unpatriotic, no. My dilemma was and is that I have no-one to vote for. The picture is obscure in my eyes.

I could and cannot vote for ZANU PF when I have seen it rule all my life and nothing for my benefit has come out of it. What only changes is the type of money that I can use as a means of commerce.

As of the MDC, I have seen it also follow the same paths of ZANU PF. There has been one leader since it was born and nothing much has come out of it as a party.

Intra-party differences take precedence over my welfare as a person. I see young souls, including mine, boiling with discontent, bottled in despair, and yoked by hopelessness and it is not getting in better in any way.

This season will have an additional 10000+ unemployed souls who spent thousands of dollars pursuing their degrees and gowns.

Some of my fellows are losing themselves to intoxicants and some like me, are slowly dying. It is said, only my ‘X’ and nothing else will take me to the promised land and unemployment will go away, roads shall be built and prices will fall. All my problems will go away like the darkness of the night when the sun comes. Really? Tell me – is it true!

Back to my take on the leaders of the day, both leaders are not in good shape in terms of health and both seek medical attention abroad and not at the clinics that I go to.

Every day, I ponder, should I vote and should I not? What is it that is in voting that will I benefit from, or I’m just been needed as a pawn to protect the King in a game of chess.

I’m writing this because I need help. Can somebody help me out please?

The real threat also might be, I might be gone, gone far away to different lands where my services might be of need. Here, my country does not need me. Maybe I am not Zimbabwean. The country just needs my votes and then it will ignore me till after five years lapses.

Source: Beniah Takunda Munengwa