Spike spots – Crowdsourced reports

Despite public outcry and concerns for motorists’ safety, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) continues to use spikes at roadblocks. Kubatana recently asked our members to report the date, time and location they saw spikes in use at ZRP roadblocks. We received 113 reports between 28 August – 3 September, from Harare, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo, Mutare, Kwekwe and beyond.


  • What happened? The police in civilian clothes just disembarked from a mushika shika Raum vehicle and one of them place a spike under a kombi which was picking up passengers to Hatcliffe. The driver stopped and passengers were asked to disembark. They went away with the kombi and after 10 minutes later the kombi was back.
  • We have constantly seen police officers using spikes in Bulawayo. Especially the along Masiyephambili road, just after Bellevue intersection off Plumtree road at the fly over, they take bribes from the kombi drivers at that road block. The roadblock is a cash collection point. Take your time to get there and see what happens there, You see corruption.
  • The police are like permanent on Simon Mazorodze just before the Mukuvise bridge in the morning they will be on the side of those going into town and around 09:30 hrs they will move to the side of those coming from time. They will be ten police officers in total and they have about 3-4 spikes with them.
  • It’s a shame coz they have actually caused congestion in the morning and we always get to work late because they ask stupid questions like why is your fire extinguisher yellow and not red.
  • I was given an “invoice” to take my own apparent fine to Avondale station to report what they said was speeding. No speed gun, no evidence. Officer gave me his personal details to Ecocash him the bribe money when I refused to move my car from where they placed the spikes. 45 minutes later he requested the bribe. Refused to pay, so he asked for his details back without knowledge of me taking photos of the details prior to handing over. This was at the speed trap on Churchill Ave just past the College road intersection, Alex Park.

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