Action plans to address solid waste disposal in Filabusi

Insiza Rural District Council is impressed by the unprecedented citizen participation in the management of solid waste in Filabusi Centre.

Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action Team started advocating on management of solid waste in the Ward in 2015 where they wanted to address the disposal of solid waste which was becoming a health hazard in the Ward.

Speaking at the sidelines of a Rural District Development Committee meeting recently, Insiza Rural District Council Human Resources and Environment Projects Manager Mr. Pardon Moyo explained that the local authority and the Action Team are working tirelessly to keep Filabusi Centre clean.

“The things we are now doing as the council are initiated by the community,” Moyo said. “They give us ideas on how we can keep our environment clean. In 2015, their advocacy efforts led to the introduction of an Environmental Management Plan and as the council we have since drafted a Waste Management Policy which will be presented at the full council meeting.”

He added, “The concept of citizen participation is making significant changes in management of waste in Filabusi. We are learning a lot and we encourage other areas to allow the citizens to be actively involved in council business.”

Moyo said the local authority has since put a safer around a tractor which they use to collect refuse bins. They are also planning to build three lockable litter cages in areas where there is fast litter generation. The council is also planning to fence the dumpsite, create sports ground, allow cultivation, and create an improved dumpsite as ways of managing solid waste disposal in the Ward.

The local authority is no longer issuing occupation certificates to houses without toilets to reduce open defecation.

Source: Habakkuk Trust

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