Harare City Council must investigate illegal land allocations

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) implores the Harare City Council and other responsible authorities to investigate illegal land allocations which are apparently going on unabated in Harare.

CHRA has learnt with shock that the Honorable Member of Parliament for Highfield West, Psychology Maziwisa is a beneficiary of the illegal land allocations in Harare.

The Honorable Member of Parliament was allocated a housing stand (Stand Number 10607) on top of sewer pipes in his Highfield West Constituency.

On July 5, 2017 the Acting District Officer for Highfield wrote to the Director of Works at the Harare City Council requesting that the sewer pipes be relocated as they would impede “building of his (Hon Maziwisa) residential house”.

CHRA has also learnt that a community borehole near the area were Honorable Maziwisa was allocated his housing stand will be removed to allow the Honorable Member of Parliament to build his residential house.

Last month, the Harare City Council had to deploy municipal police to destroy illegal shacks that had been erected at Monavale Vlei by a group of invaders.

The invaders claimed they had “authority from above” and this was despite the fact that Monavale Vlei is an international site and protected wetland under the country’s Environmental Management Act.

CHRA reiterates that corruption and abuse of power is largely responsible for land invasions and illegal land allocations in Harare hence our call for the responsible authorities to ensure sanity prevails in the capital city.

Quite often, residents have fallen victim to land barons who allocate them housing stands on undesignated areas and the result has been a series of evictions of the unsuspecting victims who would have parted with their hard earned cash.

Source: Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)

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