Enhance water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure: Enhance the health and wellbeing of Casa Banana (Porta Farm) residents

The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) is deeply concerned with the poor water, sanitation and hygiene situation at Casa Banana community, Porta FARM, Harare which if not arrested presents a potential public health threat.

Casa Banana is an informal settlement situated about 28kms from Harare along the Bulawayo Road, close to the Morton Jeffrey Water Works and suffers daily problems with burst water pipes and a blocked sewage system. Most municipal water taps have not been properly repaired or replaced in a long time and sometimes the sewage seeps into the water supply through the broken water pipes. As a result, the sewage is polluting drinking water.

More importantly is the proximity of Casa Banana to Harare which has suffered almost perennial epidemics of communicable diarrheal diseases of typhoid and cholera, with high morbidity and unacceptable mortality levels. Poor public food handling particularly that of fish from Lake Chivero by the Casa Banana residents who largely depend on fishing and the Harare market poses a continued risk.

ZADHR therefore urges the City of Harare to enhance the health and well-being of the residents of Casa Banana through rehabilitation and building of water and sewage reticulation infrastructure and in turn provision of safe, clean and potable water and enhanced access to adequate sanitation.

Source: Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR)

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