Current Status of Harare Wetlands (July 2020)


  1. Harare’s wetlands are critical to the future sustainable development of the city.
  2. Wetlands form a vital part of the water supply infrastructure for Harare and many other urban centres.
  3. Wetlands in Harare have already been greatly reduced in extent and the remaining portions extensively degraded.
  4. Despite specific legislation to protect wetlands introduced during 2007, about half of all wetlands have been lost since this time through conversion to development.
  5. This is adversely affecting the supply of surface and groundwater for Harare.
  6. The problem is continuing – currently there are more than 250 sites where there are recent or ongoing developments on wetlands.
  7. It is critical that remaining wetland areas should be kept free of development and agriculture, restored to their natural state and specifically managed for water production.
  8. Failure to address this situation will directly enhance future water problems in the city.

Download full document here (3.6MB PDF)

Source: Harare Wetlands Trust