Lock down rules ambiguity breeding corruption: An investigative inquiry


In this latest piece, Tutuma Zimbabwe focuses on key institutions and activities by local and national authorities during the national lockdown induced by the global pandemic CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19). The national lockdown has had a devastating effect on the economy and more on the “informal market” that has, hitherto, ensured the greater population of Zimbabwe’s survival. For such survival by individuals a lot of uncouth activities and underhanded dealings have been pursued to ensure some level of survival and livelihood guaranteeing. Tutuma narrowed its focus on Municipal Police and the Zimbabwe Republic Police versus a number of actors whom these two institutions have come into contact with. The findings bring more questions than answers. Fundamentally, the investigative inquiry concludes that, where rule are clear and logical, they are enforceable transparently!

Download full document here (1.8MB PDF)

Source: Tutuma Zimbabwe