Zimbabwe COVID-19 Lockdown: How and why Government should further improve its legal measures to be more human rights compliant

These are extra-ordinary times. This opinion piece is not offered as a way of merely exposing the inadequacies of Government’s efforts in curbing the spread of COVID-19 or to pontificate on one’s legal expertise. Today our country (and indeed the world) is faced with a disaster which threatens the life of the nation. Therefore, it is time to put all hands on deck from wherever we are to save our country and humanity. This is the spirit with which this piece has been written-to provide government with feedback on how to strengthen its legal measures by making them more human rights compliant. As has already been emphasised by the United Nations Secretary General and by our two other compatriots, Deprose Muchena and Arnold Tsunga; making these measures more human rights compliant is an important way of putting people at the centre of the fight against COVID-19. This increases public trust and cooperation, without which the fight against COVID-19 cannot be won.

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Source: Justice Alfred Mavedzenge (PhD), Tutuma