Human Security Early Warning and Early Response Report: 1 October – 31 December 2019

Source: 13 January 2020Democracy, Human Rights


Heal Zimbabwe’s Early Warning and Early Response (EWER) Situation Room recorded a total of 41 cases of human rights violations that directly threaten the security of Zimbabwean citizens. Although the effects of the recorded threats overlap across different rights highlighted in Sections 48 – 78 and Sections 80 – 84 of the Zimbabwean Constitution, this report categorizes them as: a) Threats to the wellbeing, dignified life and social protection of Zimbabweans, b) Threats to civil and political rights of the Zimbabweans and, c) Threats to the economic aspirations of the Zimbabweans. In this reporting period, Heal Zimbabwe recorded 8 deaths and 10 severely injured civilians due to police brutality among other violations whose threats could not be quantified in this report.

Of the 37 human rights violations that were recorded between the 1st of October and the 31st of December 2019, 21 threaten civil and political rights of the Zimbabweans, 15 cases threaten the wellbeing of Zimbabweans and the quality of social protection systems available to the Zimbabwean populace and 5 cases directly impedes the economic prospect of Zimbabweans.

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