Follow up Press Statement on the Abduction of ZHDA President Dr Peter Magombeyi

ZiGRA operates within the auspices of the Health Apex Council. Following deliberations by the council on the abduction of Dr Peter Magombeyi, the council agreed to withdraw all health services nation wide until Dr Magombeyi is returned. This statement serves to reaffirm that position and ensure total withdrawal of services from all stations nationwide. No radiography procedures shall be carried out at all stations until Dr Magombeyi is home safe and sound. Health care is an inter-dependent multidisciplinary system relying heavily on teamwork from various professionals. Our colleagues are advocating for the safe return of Dr Magombeyi and as such we are moving in unison. This withdrawal of services is immediate until such a time when Dr Magombeyi is home, unharmed and alive.

Without fear we shall continuously engage all authorities and move in unison with other health workers until Dr Magombeyi is home safe and sound.

Source: Zimbabwe Government Radiographers Association (ZiGRA)