A Review of Provincial Peace Committees: The NPRC’s Step Towards Sustainable Peacebuilding in Zimbabwe

Source: 8 August 2019Democracy, Human Rights


The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) recently established Provincial Peace Committees (PPCs) across Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces a process, which shows the Commission’s steps forward in facilitating transitional justice, reconciliation and healing. The PPCs are the first ever decentralized peace structures established to complement the work of the NPRC. The NPRC is one of the Independent Commission Supporting Democracy (ICSD) established in Chapter 12 (Section 252) of the Zimbabwean Constitution. It has a mandate to deal with the past human rights violations while preventing future conflicts.

Each established PPC is composed of between 25-30 members drawn from a wide range of stakeholders including; government departments, civil society, traditional leaders and church organizations.

To raise awareness on the importance of the PPCs, this article provides a review of these Committees, focusing on their structure, operational expectations and broadly, opportunities for sustained peacebuilding. The article also analyses challenges and possible solutions towards an effective bottom-up informed national healing and reconciliation process.

Source: Donald Marimbe, Heal Zimbabwe Trust

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