Water, Sanitation and Hygine Time-Bomb in Hopley Ward 1

Community Water Alliance (CWA) today 11/02/2019 visited Hopley, Ward 1 which falls under Harare South constituency.

The visit was meant to gather information on challenges in the ward and do a door to door engagement with residents to ascertain the magnitude of water, sanitation and hygiene challenges in the ward.

Community Water Alliance met residents who are greatly worried by un-safe water sources in the ward. Many Blair toilets in the ward are built a few metres from the shallow wells in the ward.

Hopley has more than 70 000 residents and started as an informal settlement in Harare.

As Community Water Alliance we implore the Government of Zimbabwe and City of Harare to consider fulfilling the human right to water for residents in informal settlements like Hopley. We also appeal to international Non-Governmental Organizations to place marginalized communities like Hopley at the core of their planning.

Source: Community Water Alliance