Report on Violence, January 16-18 2019


We the People of Zimbabwe (WTPZ) project is based on the belief that all citizens of Zimbabwe have the right to participate in political activity, choose their political leaders and conduct their daily lives in an atmosphere of peace.

The project has set up a toll free call centre linked to over 12,000 peace champions in every ward in Zimbabwe who monitor their communities and report any violence, human rights violations or suspicious behaviour.

Since Monday, 14 January 2019, We the People has been monitoring the situation in the country following the stay away, demonstrations and subsequent brutal crackdown by security forces particularly in high density urban areas.
We the People is taking information of any people who have had their rights violated, particularly through violence. People with injuries, trauma, and legal needs are being referred them for treatment at treatment centers within the We the People consortium and network.

Reports of Violations

The following statistics from the 16th January to 12pm on 18th January were recorded:

Number of victims seen and treated for injuries: 63
Number of victims recorded as being in held remand with injuries: 60
Number of reports of mass violence: 20

Injuries have included gunshot wounds and beatings, particularly severe beatings to the buttocks, legs and head.

All injuries have been report as being by ZNA soldiers, with a small number being soldiers together with police.

Sample of reports received:

  • Two people were assaulted by soldiers. One of them tried to escape by jumping a hospital fence and sustained cuts from the razor wire. The other was beaten and kicked by the soldiers. – Chitungwiza
  • There are soldiers patrolling in the suburbs knocking at doors in the evening, they are beating up every male at each homestead. A lot of people have been beaten but are in hiding. – Mbare
  • Eight people are severely injured after being beaten by soldiers. They are in need of medical attention but there is no transport for them to get to town. – Epworth
  • Fifteen injured victims are in Chinhoyi after they were assaulted by police and soldiers. – Chinhoyi

Call We the People toll free on 08080240 (Econet) and 08010085 (NetOne) to report violence and refer victims for medical treatment

Source: We the People of Zimbabwe (WtPZ)

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