Re-Submission of Evidence Before the Motlanthe Commission

Following the Press Briefing on 28 November 2018 where the Forum raised concern regarding the evidence submitted to the Motlanthe Commission, the Forum managed to resubmit the 500 paged dossier to the Commission. This was the second set of documents to be submitted to the Commission. The dossier comprises submissions by the Chairperson of the Forum Ms. Jestina Mukoko, affidavits from survivors and families of the victims, reports produced by the Forum and members showing the systematic nature of the August 1 extra-judicial killings, and a short documentary. The documentary tracks the 1 August violence and captures the testimonies of the witnesses and victims. The documentary version shared with the commission is only preparatory as the work of documenting the 1 August killings is still work in progress.

The Forum’s work around justice and accountability will continue and a full written and video report will be released soon.

While the Commission has closed out many witnesses, the Forum remains open to anyone who feels they have a case and the right to be heard.

Source: Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum