2018 Harmonised Election – Preliminary Statement

As part of its comprehensive effort to observe the 2018 Harmonised Elections, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) trained and deployed over 6,500 observers to every ward, constituency, district and province, of the country.

This Preliminary Statement is based on reports from a statistical sample of 750 polling stations to provide truly representative information on the conduct of voting and counting in near real time. As of this morning, 739 of 750 (99%) of these observers had reported in.

Today, ZESN is releasing its preliminary findings on voting and counting processes as observed on Election Day. ZESN is not making a final determination about the conduct of the 2018 Harmonised Elections yet, the elections are not yet over and the results tabulation process is still under way. ZESN continues to observe the process and will do so through its conclusion.

ZESN would like to emphasise that its observations are based on the entire electoral cycle approach which entails observing all electoral processes in the pre-election, Election Day and post-election phases. Therefore, ZESN’s overall assessment of the 2018 Harmonised Elections will be based on the entire electoral cycle processes and not just Election Day.

Source: Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN)

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