At Haddon and Sly Tent, Harare Central, one voter was handed a folded Presidential ballot which had already been used. The ballot was then destroyed and the voter was given a fresh ballot.

ZANU PF members in party regalia were seen campaigning and putting up posters around the Station. The Presiding Officer was informed and the posters were taken down later on during the day.

Assisted voters

At Kuma 10 Water Tap Polling Station there were two assisted voters before 1230 hrs who were totally blind. To manage the numbers without frustrating those who had come early in the morning, there were two queues, one with the general populace and the other with selected voters. There were more assisted voters in Insiza and Lupane recording 20 and 53, respectively.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting in most Tent stations has resulted in more assisted voters than necessary. In Lobengula Ward 14, the elderly people with poor eyesight ended up resorting to being assisted. Since there was inadequate lighting at Makokoba, Pumula, Munyoro Shopping Centre, and some parts of Cowdray Park Polling Stations voters were left with no choice but to vote using candles.

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Source: Women’s Institute for Leadership Development