We the People of Zimbabwe (WTPZ) has set up a structure of peace monitors, in which 7,700+ citizens across every province in the country are currently tracking and reporting incidents in their communities through the WTPZ call centre. This report is an analysis of these incidents over 7 weeks. Between 30 May and 27 July 2018, WTPZ has received 1701 incidents from 1114 calls.

Security forces’ past involvement in elections

In previous election years, security forces including the police, soldiers and CIO have been reported to interfere in elections, including: Police refusing to accept cases against ZANU-PF perpetrators; unlawful detention by police and torture whilst detained; soldiers harassing, intimidating and beating people and abductions by CIO.

The combined effect is that many communities are distrustful of security forces, and the increase in their presence and visibility around election periods is intimidating. When asked if there are any “suspicious” people in their communities, peace champions have cited soldiers and known CIO members. Additionally, many communities are reluctant or even afraid to report cases to the police, having been victimised for doing so in the past.

Source: We the People of Zimbabwe (WtPZ)

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