We the People of Zimbabwe (WTPZ) has set up a structure of peace monitors, in which 7,700+ citizen monitors across every province in the country are currently tracking and reporting incidents in their communities through the WTPZ call center. This report is an analysis of electoral malpractice incidents over 7 weeks.

Electoral malpractices are acts which impact the fairness and legality of elections, by seeking to change the behaviours of voters or election results (note that threats and acts of violence are covered in separate reports). Between 30 May and 27 July 2018, WTPZ has received 1701 incidents from 1114 calls. 442 of these calls included electoral malpractices in addition to 601 calls including threats of violence, and 292 calls including people being forced to do what they do not want to.

Source: We the People of Zimbabwe (WtPZ)

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