We the People of Zimbabwe (WTPZ) has set up a structure of peace monitors, in which 7,700+ citizens across every province in the country are currently tracking and reporting incidents in their communities through the WTPZ call centre. This report is an analysis of these incidents over 7 weeks. Between 30 May and 27 July 2018, WTPZ has received 1701 incidents from 1114 calls.

Since 30 May, 2018, WTPZ has received reports of 14 political bases that have been erected in communities. Through WTPZ partners’ extensive networks, these cases have all been triangulated and verified to be true.

What are political bases?

Political bases have featured in Zimbabwe’s electoral history as centres of violence, intimidation and terror. They tend to be structures erected, buildings or public spaces occupied in the run up to elections. Bases are manned by political party structures and youths, mostly from the ruling party ZANU-PF.

Villagers have been forced to bases, particularly overnight, and forced to show support for ZANU-PF including though singing, declarations of support, and public beatings or humiliation. The presence of bases instills fear within communities; citizens have known people to be abducted, assaulted and tortured at bases.

Source: We the People of Zimbabwe (WtPZ)

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