Pre-election: May 30 – 5 July, 2018


Zimbabwe’s electoral history has been marked by violence, abductions and intimidation. We the People Zimbabwe (WTPZ) has set up a structure of peace monitors, in which 7,000+ citizen monitors across every province in the country are currently tracking and reporting incidents in their communities through the WTPZ call center. This report is an analysis of these incidents over 5 weeks.

Since 30 May, 2018, WTPZ has received reports of human rights and election related offences.

These include assaults, people being forced to attend party gatherings and vote-buying. Overall, the most frequently occurring violation has been “threats of violence”.

Reports that citizens are being threatened have been consistent in nature, widespread and appear to be increasing as the number of reports to the call center increase.

Who is threatening people?

People in or contesting for power such as councilors, sitting MPs, MP candidates and village heads tend to be the ones issuing threats. They often send ZANU-PF party members and youth to spread messages of intimidation. In rural areas, citizens are threatened at public gatherings; rallies and meetings which they are often forced or coerced into attending either for their own safety or in order to receive agricultural inputs. There are also reports of named candidates threatening violence as they campaign door to door.

Source: We the People of Zimbabwe (WtPZ)

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