2018 Election Factsheet Issue No.1

The 2018 Election Factsheet circulates weekly from flagging out grey areas and substantiating them with evidence.

Incidents and allegations covered this week include:

  1. Key concerns around military engagement in the electoral process stemming from the deployment of military personnel in communities and the recent statement from government officials that the army will facilitate the return to power of the ruling party regardless of outcomes of the 2018 elections.
  2. Overt Violence
  3. Piecemeal Reforms to the Electoral Act, the Act remains unconstitutional and a breeding ground for electoral contestation
  4. Cases of intimidation and the role that traditional leaders are playing in predetermining electoral outcomes in rural communities.
  5. Civics accuse the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of failing to administer the electoral process thus noting that the Nomination Court proceedings opened without access to the voters’ roll.

Source: Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

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