Daily Media Monitoring Report Issue 16

Source: 21 June 2018Democracy, Elections, Media


This sixteenth media monitoring report on the 2018 elections highlights trends in the Zimbabwean media’s performance in their coverage of the elections. The study assessed the level to which the media is fair and balanced in representing political players. The report covers issues reported by the media on the twenty-second day of the election period – 21 June 2018.


On the twenty-second day of the electoral period, there continues to be limitations with the number of political parties covered in the local mainstream media. It must however be noted that of the parties receiving media coverage the share of space for ZANU PF has declined to unprecedented levels during this electoral period. This quantitative decline in coverage has not translated to a qualitative decline in the portrayal of the party as it continues to enjoy most of the positive coverage on government controlled news platforms. More current affairs programmes continue to be produced on both commercial radio stations and ZBC. This has enabled more political actors to be visible in the media discussing their policies and political ambitions.

Source: Media Monitors

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