Daily Media Monitoring Report Issue 9

Source: 8 June 2018Elections, Media


This ninth media monitoring report on the 2018 elections highlights trends in the media’s performance in their coverage of elections. The study assessed the level to which the media is fair and balanced in representing political players. The report covers issues reported by the media on the ninth day of the election period – 7 June 2018.


On the ninth day of monitoring, more parties received coverage in the media even though the distribution of space and time continues to consistently be dominated by three political parties. Today, 14 political parties were crammed into 6% of the overall space and time, which is unfair to them, as they deserve adequate space and time to canvass for votes.

Commendably there were more current affairs programmes during the electronic media’s primetime, which should be a regular feature during the electoral period. These programmes should be inclusive of all parties and not be limited to particular parties in order for the electorate to vet the political actors’ policies and ideologies before casting their ballots.

Source: Media Monitors

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