Daily Media Monitoring Report Issue 7


This seventh media monitoring report on the 2018 elections highlights trends in the Zimbabwean media’s performance in their coverage of the elections. The study assessed the level to which the media is fair and balanced in representing political players. The report covers issues reported by the media on the seventh day of the election period – 6 June 2018.


On the seventh day of monitoring, the local media’s trends of coverage continue to fall short of the requirements of the Electoral Act which stipulates that coverage of political parties be diverse and equitable. A week into the electoral period only 21 parties have been covered by the media out of +/- 130 that have registered interest in taking part in the elections.

As the fourth estate, it is imperative that the media are cognisant of their obligations to the public who rely on their content to make pertinent decisions about elections. The manner in which the MDC Alliance march leaves the public with more questions than answers about what really transpired, there were no reports in the media about whether the party met its objective to get electoral reforms implemented, in the end it became about the turnout.

Source: Media Monitors

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