Daily Media Monitoring Report Issue 1


This first media monitoring report on the 2018 elections highlights trends in the Zimbabwean media’s performance in their coverage of the elections. The study assessed:

  • The level to which the media is fair and balanced in representing political players
  • The media’s election agenda and what they consider the most important electoral issues
  • The media’s professional conduct in reporting elections

The report covers events reported by the media on the first day of the election period – 30 May 2018.


Reporting of the first day of the official election period shows that media has so far not adhered to legally laid out provisions on treating political players in an equitable manner. Political programmes do not show the diversity of political players contesting this election according to their political affiliation, gender or age.

Media Monitors recommends that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission urgently put in place an effective mechanism to monitor, supervise and sanction the media where there are glitches in electoral reporting.

Media houses, particularly the public media should also consider publicizing internal guidelines that allow political players to access space on their platforms.

Source: Media Monitors

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