Human Rights Violations Weekly Update 01

Source: 19 March 2018Human Rights

Summary of Violations

Heal Zimbabwe recorded a total of 17 human rights violations from 13 districts from the 27 February to 09 March 2018. In the period under review, three categories of human rights violations were recorded. The human rights violations include intimidation (with threats of violence or threats of withdrawal of food aid or agricultural inputs), assault and partisan distribution of aid. Intimidation remain the major cause for concern with 76.4% (13 cases) being recorded this week, followed by assault and partisan distribution of food and agricultural inputs both recording 11.8% each (2 cases). The recorded human rights cases largely emanated from (i) the emergence of new political parties (ii) the collection of BVR serial numbers, (iii) the deployment of army officials in some rural communities and (iv) ZANU PF restructuring exercises in local communities.

Intimidation remains a cause for concern for Heal Zimbabwe as it continues to threaten and destabilise the prevalence of social cohesion and peace in communities. Local communities continue to be victimised by some political gatekeepers who instil fear as a way of gaining control and mobilising support for the ruling ZANU PF party. This in turn create fearful communities who are not able to freely exercise their democratic rights. HZT therefore perceive intimidation as a direct impediment to the realisation of peaceful coexistence and cast doubt over the possibility of free participation of citizens in the upcoming elections.

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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