Police shootings of unarmed civilians condemned

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) condemns in the strongest terms the police use of force against unarmed civilians, which resulted in the death of two people in Harare yesterday.

The two victims were allegedly shot dead by the police in a now aborted government operation meant to decongest the Central Business District (CBD) through banning of commuter omnibus.

At least four people were injured during the incident, while public skirmishes that resulted from the shootings led to the burning of cars.

Such an incident, while it may appear isolated, points to the urgent need to reform the country’s law enforcement institutions in line with human rights tenets and human dignity.

While ZimRights welcomes the apology from Commissioner General Godwin Matanga, there is no substitute for a thorough investigation, censure of the police details involved and compensation for the families of both the deceased and injured persons.

Source: ZimRights