Kwekwe-based cop arrested after taking a bribe: Whistleblower asked to testify in court

A traffic police officer was arrested after taking a bribe of US$10. The arrest was triggered by a tip-off from the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa, which acted as a whistle-blower. However, the whistle-blower is now being asked to testify in court in the absence of self-protective measures. This may expose the staff members of the Trust to imminent and present danger.


On the 16th of August 2017, the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa received a tip-off that traffic police officers from Kwekwe Traffic and Mbizo Police Station were soliciting bribes from commuter omnibus operators and these bribes ranged from US$5 to US$10 or more. After receiving the bribes, it means that the police would give a “blind eye” to unlicensed vehicles, unlicensed drivers, unroadworthy vehicles, overloading and over-speeding to name but a few. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa, informed the Police General Headquarters (PGHQ), who immediately dispatched a team of plain clothes police officers to lay traps and effect arrests. Consequently, on the 18th of August 2017, a trap was set up which resulted in the arrest of Constable Rodgers Marume (Force Number 056708N) after he received the trap money with serial numbers AA9222680 and MB60395570c. Furthermore, the accused was found in possession of an additional US$15, which he allegedly failed to account for.

Source: Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa