Human Rights Violations Update

Source: 25 August 2017Human Rights

1. Summary of Human Rights Violations

Heal Zimbabwe recorded a total of 29 cases of human rights violations from 14 districts from the 24th of July to the 18th of August 2017. A total of four different categories of human rights violations were recorded namely: Intimidation (with threats of violence or threats of withdrawal of food aid or agricultural inputs), forced participation (in political meetings, polling stations, Financial or material contributions), assault and disruption of political gatherings. The organisation noted that intimidation recorded the highest number of cases with 72.4% (21 cases), followed by forced attendance to political gatherings recording 17.25% (5 cases), assault which recorded 6.9% (2 cases) and disruption of meetings which recorded 3.45 % (1 case). Heal Zimbabwe observed that the majority of the human rights cases recorded are mainly centred on (i) the ongoing Presidential youth interface rallies, (ii) ZANU PF party restructuring processes and (iii) the falsehoods coined around the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) process. Community members are being forced to attend ZANU PF restructuring meetings whether they support the party or not. Cases of harassment and intimidation are worrying especially now as the nation heads towards the 2018 plebiscite. HZT perceives intimidation as a hindrance to peaceful coexistence and a stumbling block towards freedom of expression in local communities and achievement of free, fair, peaceful and credible elections.

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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