Distributing Roadblock Checklists

Source: 23 May 2017Our Campaigns

In response to growing public concern and conversations around police roadblocks, Kubatana worked with the Road Users Association (RUA) to promote the RUA roadblock checklist via social media. This checklist takes a “know your rights” approach and encourages motorists to be informed at roadblocks in order to stand up for their rights and not be taken advantage of. We also printed hard copies of the checklist (double sided A4 printouts) and distributed these by hand and via post to Kubatana members nationwide.

10,000 copies of the checklist were distributed at intersections across Harare, targeting peak hour traffic and main intersections coming into town from both low and high density suburbs. In addition, 1,000 checklists were distributed at old age homes and sports clubs across Harare.

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